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Announcing the shortlist for the #MMHA16

BADGE2It’s the 7th of the 7th – so lucky for some – and hopefully for the following twenty products and brands that we’ve selected for this year’s Mummy Must Have Awards Shortlist. 

This year’s awards will be voted down to a final ten winners via likes on Instagram and retweets on Twitter – so show some love for the ones you rate highest and there will be some incentives and competitions along the way to make the voting more exciting 😉

Editor writes: this year’s shortlist was actually something of a challenge as we had so many fabulous submissions and suggestions. Our criteria for the #MMHA has always been quite broad in terms of category, but infinitely comes down to one simple fact: this product is bl**dy brilliant! Big thanks as usual to all the input from our writers and celeb mums and congratulations to all included in the shortlist…

The #MMHA16 Shortlist is as follows – in no particular order: 

Lilly and Sid Baby Blankets: in a world of blankies, these are the ones that kids would choose for themselves. Soft, washable, durable, ethical – you’ll find these well loved and still on the beds of pre-schoolers. To vote on social media use hashtag: #MMHALILLYANDSID
Nuna Leaf  Baby Seat: This clever baby rocker has a one-of-a-kind side to side floating motion and grows with your child to become a comfy toddler armchair. To vote on social media use hashtag: #MMHANUNALEAF

we love these little teats and spouts, which can be popped in a handbag or changing bag and are the perfect size to fit into a ready mix formula carton or a bottle of water. Reusable and dishwasher-proof, they are possibly the best £7 you’ll spend… To vote on social media use hashtag: #MMHACHILLIPEEPS
aden+anais Muslins and Dream Blankets: with a constantly evolving range of gorgeous but understated designs, these muslins and blankets really do get softer with each wash and are roomy, for snug as a bug swaddling and snuggling. We love the latest Disney collaboration prints as well as the chic classic designs. To vote on social media use hashtag: #MMHAADENANDANAIS
Pacapod Jasper: loved by celebs ranging from Benedict Cumberbatch to Zara Phillips, the Pacapod’s unique pod system means that you can just ‘grab and go’. We adore the Jasper’s chic leather outer, spacious interior and general elegance – and the fact that it crams 35 litres of baby clobber into one hardworking handbag. To vote on social media use hashtag:  #MMHAPACAPOD
Tiffany Rose: celeb mum Becky Mantin told us “I love Tiffany Rose for pregnancy & nursing clothes” and we fully agree; stunning designs, flattering fit and the occasion wear really does make one feel ladylike and special (even in the third trimester). To vote on social media use hashtag: #MMHATIFFANYROSE
Boden Mac: we had great deliberation about the perfect ‘school run coat’, but in the end (thanks to the unpredictability of the British Summer) the Boden Mac was the clear winner. Showerproof, with a hood to keep your hands free and pockets big enough to hold Fruit Shoots, car keys, wipes and bits of toast – this coat comes in a range of vibrant or classic colourways and means you’ll always look ‘together’ no matter how late you are running…  To vote on social media use hashtag: #MMHABODENMAC
Bambini & Me Rompers: we think Bambini & Me is definitely a ‘one to watch’ brand and we fell in love with the adorable range of rompers and bodysuits, made with skin-friendly bamboo. The range also includes swaddles and sleeping bags – all very unisex and deeply delightful. To vote on social media use hashtag: #MMHABAMBINIANDME
Bee Good Plump and Firm Moisturiser: made with British wildflower honey and hyluronic acid, this day cream packs an absolute suckerpunch of tightening, glowgiving and nourishing – so much so that we swear you can go without makeup. To vote on social media use hashtag: #MMHABEEGOOD
The Organic Balm Co Baby Mother and Baby Nourish Balm: a one stop solution for stretch marks, rough elbows, sensitive baby skin, dry feet, eczema… You name it, this delicious blend of vitamins, omega 3’s and hemp seed oil can zap it! The pump dispenser makes it changing-bag friendly too… To vote on social media use hashtag: #MMHAORGANICBALM

Bobux Shoes
: designed for little feet to have the freedom of being barefoot, this range of padders, first walkers and toddler shoes is not only created to allow healthy development but the comfortable fit also ensures ‘stay-ability’ if you have a child who insists on throwing their footwear off in the supermarket…Check out the latest collaboration with Solene Roure also. To vote on social media use hashtag: #MMHABOBUX
Belly Bandit Tummy Tucker: your new best friend when it comes to blitzing the baby belly, this postpartum secret is made from medical grde, latex free elastic and is recommended by doctors – as well as being loved by celeb mums including Camilla Rutherford, who called it ‘Mother’s Little Helper…’ To vote on social media use hashtag: #MMHABELLYBANDIT

Mon Breton: we’re big fans of the Breton top as a ‘throw on with jeans and you don’t notice the yoghurt stains’ mummy-dressing solution. Mon Breton have pushed the boundaries of a timeless classic by allowing you to personalise with initials or cute emojis. Go matchy-matchy with their men’s and kids’ range too… To vote on social media use hashtag: #MMHAMONBRETON
Oh Arthur: This trio of ladies have put together a ridiculously cute collection of childrenswear and accessories – making them undoubtedly one of our favourite boutique startups. To vote on social media use hashtag: #MMHAOHARTHUR
Baby Bjorn One Outdoors:  real game-changer if you like to a) babywear b) yomp or c) want no limits on where you and baby can explore. Festivals, hill climbs, fun runs… this carrier can take on the elements and is ergonomicaly designed for comfortable carrying from birth to three years. Lovely colourways too! To vote on social media use hashtag: #MMHAONEOUTDOORS
Laurence King Colouring Books: Jasmine Guinness told us “, you can never go wrong with a colouring book and pencils, it’s such a nice thing to do and luckily the kids agree. Creativity is so important.” And when it comes to fabulous, innovative colouring books we adore the range from Laurence King Publishing, such as ‘To the Moon, the World’ Tallest Colouring Book’. To vote on social media use hashtag: #MMHALAURENCEKING
Doona: this carseat-come-stroller really has broken the mould when it comes to practical design and out-of-the-box thinking. Laura Hamilton told us “this is one of my all-time favourites.  It is so convenient for travelling or even if you need to pop out quickly.  So many people comment on it when they see it because it’s such a clever invention.” To vote on social media use hashtag: #MMHADOONA
Nappy Grab bags: wipes, cream, nappy and mat all in one pocket-sized solution. Biodegradable, simply roll it all up and bin it afterwards. Keep one in the car, under the buggy, in your coat pocket – life suddenly got a whole lot simpler! To vote on social media use hashtag: #MMHAGRABBAG
Splashabout Wetsuits: the brand that brought you Happy Nappies now has a range of wetsuits for children and babies (including one that integrates the famous nappy pants), meaning that kids will stay in the water for longer without getting cold – and easing the transition from warmer baby pools to regular/outdoor pools (or English seaside paddles!). Adorable designs and a range of lengths/sizes – Beyonce’s daughter loves the ‘Apple Daisy’ one. To vote on social media use hashtag: #MMHASPLASHABOUT
Smalls: layer up with these merino wool tops and leggings that are so pretty they work as outerwear or PJs too. Brilliantly breathable, your kids will be warm and toasty (but not uncomfortable or sweaty). Merino stays cleaner for longer (less washing) and it doesn’t sag, bag or shrink. Fab underlayers for flights, camping trips and puddle jumping…To vote on social media use hashtag: #MMHASMALLS

We hope you like our selection and will show your support by giving your favourites some social media love. The votes will be counted on August 4th and the final ten winners announced.

One last thing: we have two extra award categories this year, both of which will be voted for by our editorial panel and guest judges. They are Buggy Love (our stroller category) and Better World (our charity and ethical partnership award). Watch the site for more details on both of these.

Our capsule new baby kit

We recently took on the challenge of creating a capsule pregnancy wardrobe, but how about a capsule new baby kit?

‘What?!’ you cry ‘,No rinky dinky ninky nonk train? ‘No baby bath noodle?’ ‘No fuzzy wuzzy doo-dah?’

Nope. We’re being strict and streamlined. Here’s our pick of what’s genuinely useful, great value and – unlike the bath noodle – won’t be gathering dust at the back of the cupboard.

The Koochi Pushmatic stroller: we’ve recently discovered this brand (created by the same design team as Cosatto) and we think the Pushmatic is one of the smartest new baby investments you can make. Sleek, sporty (it’s a three wheeler) and suitable from birth (in the recline position) til three, this one will serve you well for country walks, shopping trips, ‘one-handed folding in the supermarket car park’ situations and battling public transport (did we mention this little gem only weighs 6.7kg?) Our Dad-writers oohed and aahed as much as we did over the colourways  – especially the Green Hyperwave (pictured) – and this stroller (including footmuff and lots of accessories) is currently on offer from Koochi’s website at just £144. (Check out Koochi’s equally sporty range of car seats too!)

koochi_pushmatic_hypergreen_3qtr_footmuff_co_R_RGB koochi_pushmatic_hypergreen_profile_co_R_RGB

The TinyLove 3-in-1 Rocker and Napper: this clever sleep/play solution means you can dispense with the Moses basket, baby nest, sleep pod, bouncer chair, baby gym, rocker – and also all those ‘musical stimulation’ gizmos . In the recline position it is a comfy cradle which can be stable or rocking, or sit it upright to create a bouncer chair/activity centre complete with toys, vibrations and music. Essentially, what this means is you can safely strap your newborn in the chair whilst they are awake (and you want to have a shower) and then when the lullaby tunes, rocking, mirror and rattle toys knock them into slumber you can simply recline into napping mode without needing to transfer the little angel into a crib and risk waking them up.

Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep: At SM we don’t judge how you feed your child, but if you’re going to bottle feed them this invention is simply genius. Gone are the 2am fumbles for the kettle. No more are the 2am scalded wrists as you squirt boiling milk on parts of your own anatomy. With the same sort of logic as a Nespresso machine (and now available in stylish black as well as standard white) in two minutes flat your bottle will be filled with perfect temperature, bacteria free formula, made up to the correct proportions. There’s even a beeper so you don’t need to time the two minutes. Ocado have this one on offer, but be quick!

aden + anais muslin swaddles: we love this brand and a set of their swaddles is the first thing we’d be popping in our hospital bags. Doubling as a sheet/lightweight blankie, comforter, burp cloth, spill wiper, buggy shade, picnic rug, towel – even an emergency nappy – the more you wash these muslins the softer they get. Generously sized, they make swaddle wrapping easy (even for wrigglers). Kids love the adorable designs for years to come (many of us have tots who still take them to pre-school as a snuggler) and if you’re using them as a breastfeeding cover the vintage-chic stripes will double as a cute scarf too.

Pacapod Changing Bag: another MMHA15 winner, we’ve lost count of the times we’ve said to an expecting mother ‘if you buy just one thing get a Pacapod’. Designed to make changing on the go almost a pleasurable experience and super stylish to boot, check out the new range – including our new lust item, the Jasper bag.

The BabyBjörn We Carrier: use this one from birth til three years, carrying either frontways, or on your back. Get mobile with your newborn; whether its out and about or just having two hands free for a few menial tasks at home, the Baby Bjorn is a design classic and has won countless awards – they have thought about your poor aching, post preggo muscles here too – and the fastening mechanism is simple enough to maneuver with even the least passive child, as well as being super safe. Check out the seasonal colour ranges too  – no need to settle for boring black!

SM chats to… Annika Sander-Löfmark of BabyBjörn

BabyBjörn is a hero brand that has been pushing the boundaries and creating fantastic products for decades. Since the 60s the Jakobson family business has grown into an empire and more to the point a household name for parents – albeit an often mispronounced one!

Porträtt (3)

We put some of our questions to Head of PR, Annika Sander-Löfmark…

SM: We ADORE the look of the new Ice Cream collection – how did the concept for this range come about? 

Annika Sander-LöfmarkThe Bouncer and BabyBjörn One carrier are firm favourites of parents all over the world, and we wanted to bring a fresh look to the collection this summer in partnership with John Lewis. We have absolutely brilliant designers and art directors, we produce all our own shoots and always try and make everything perfect- we couldn’t get the right shade of pink for the Dad’s suit, so the stylist literally painted it the exact shade! We work with scan and style trends to inspire us too.

SM: Any plans to bring back any of the original 60s or 70s designs ?

Annika Sander-LöfmarkPeople often ask us about limited edition collections we have run, and we actually did bring some of these back for the 50th anniversary in 2012, so you never know…

SM: The baby carriers have become the ‘must have’ accessory for the modern Dad (despite some backlash in the 80s), was this always one of the intentions behind the product?

Annika Sander-LöfmarkYes, Dads are very important for us and that they should feel comfortable using it. It has to suit both parents, function-wise and design-wise. Our first carrier, was featured in Harper’s Bazaar and was a navy blue, as the photography was in black and white it looked like the carrier was black – people were drawn to the unisex design and because of all the requests we received we made a black carrier which Dads love, and this has been a firm favourite ever since. Shortlist magazine, also once described our carrier as looking like “Batman’s armour” which we thought was a fantastic comparison for Dads.

SM: The acclaimed BabyBjörn highchair makes the bold decision not to have harnesses or straps, did you find parents needed some convincing that it was safe when the product was launched?

Annika Sander-Löfmark: Yes but we are used to introducing new solutions that didn’t exist before. The BabyBjörn Highchair has won prestigious awards all over the world and the reviews from parents about the product speak for themselves. The highchair took over 10 years from prototype to finished product, as we wanted to be certain that it could be the product that parents and babies could trust, most accidents in the home come from highchairs and babies cannot move or fall out of the BabyBjörn Highchair, and the angle of the legs mean here is no risk of them pushing their feet against a table and pushing themselves over either.

SM: Is there any difference between the One and the We design apart from the outward facing carry option? 

Annika Sander-LöfmarkThe One and the We are both a new generation of carrier, designed with the perfect ergonomics to carry children up to 3 years, the original and miracle carriers are still loved by parents for young babies, but many parents are now carrying their babies for longer so these new carriers accommodate this. As well as the outward facing option the One carrier can be opened on both sides so you can lie children down flat when taking them out. The We carrier, is a more simple, affordable carrier, which allows for inward and back carrying. Both are simple to put on and supportive for parents back and lumbar, as well as providing a comfortable seat for babies to travel, and to be part of the conversation, close to their mum or dad’s heart.

SM: As a family owned business, have there been any products that have personally stood out as favourites for any of the Jakobson generations of children?

Annika Sander-LöfmarkThe Jakobsons have been using and developing all the products and improve them all with time with the help of medical professionals all over the world. If they are not happy with it they change it. But they have of course a special relationship to the Bouncer and the Baby Carriers which have proved to make so many families so happy. When Björn developed the first carrier and carried his daughter in it, he said the bond it created was like floating on a cloud, and many parents have now experienced this.

SM: If our readers were to buy just one BabyBjörn product, which would you suggest?

Annika Sander-LöfmarkI would have to say the BabyBjörn Bouncer Balance Soft, such a life saver, we know so many mums that wouldn’t have been able to have a shower without it.

Visit the website for stockist info.