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SM reviews… Infantino Cuddle Up Ergonomic Baby Carrier

Infantino’s baby carriers have been best sellers in the US for aeons and are now available in the UK. We tested the Cuddle Up Ergonomic Carrier.

SM tester writes: “I’m a big baby wearing fan, but once they get past 6 months you do need a robust carrier if you are to have a life past wafting from ‘mother and bubs yoga sessions’. I adored testing this carrier because a) it was light (in 30 degrees sunshine that helps!) b) it was super intuitive to fasten and insert baby in the ergonomic position and c) the carrying position is relatively high so it feels really comfortable and doesn’t ‘drag’ you into a hunched stance.

I also loved the fact that the outer pocket is perfect for popping your keys into – but also to put your hands in and cradle your baby, it’s bliss. The carrier itself has an inner – so unlike an Ergobaby there is fabric between you and your child – but in this weather, this is a blessing and also it saves your tops from little accidents!

But the best thing… the Infantino Cuddle Up costs just £37.55 (on Amazon)!”

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SM reviews the Amazonas Mei Tai Carrier

Amazonas (makers of amazing kids hammocks) have added a Mei Tai carrier to their range.

Used popularly in Asian countries, these simple sling carriers can be used to carry babies up to 15kg on one’s front or back.

We tested the Mei Tai in ‘Earth’.

Editor writes:I love baby-wearing. It took me a while to get into it; with child #1 I believed the hype that ‘some babies just don’t like to be carried’, but really, it all comes down to finding the perfect sling for you and your child. And the finding the right tension. 

Child #2 was all about being carried. From the jersey ‘moby’ wrap I carried him up and down the hospital ward in to the Ergobaby we climbed a mountain with. Even Dad got in on the action (although he preferred the shape of a BabyBjorn.)

By child #3 I’d realised what works for 6 months maybe isn’t the best all-round solution. Those moby wraps stretch if you don’t keep tightening them and there comes a point when picking things up from the floor whilst wearing a baby isn’t an option. The Ergobaby design is great but the straps can be quite chunky (especially in Winter when you need to put a coat on over the top). 

The Mei Tai carrier principle is really simple; it has no clips buckles, you simply place your child on your front or back and wrap the tie straps around you. Unlike a moby wrap, the ‘baby bit’ is a complete piece of material to support front or back, so there is no guesswork. In short, it’s a bit like popping your baby into the top of a pinny and tying it in securely. 

Like other ergonomically designed carriers, the Mei Tai means that your child will sit in a ‘spread squat’ position, for healthy spine and hip development. Personally, I would say this carrier is a great option if you want the versatility of a wraparound (ie being able to toss it in your bag) but a little bit more support (ie enough to have hands free for shopping bags and siblings). As with all carriers, you’ll need to fiddle around a bit to find the optimum tension – I found putting it on in front of a mirror was helpful (not least because my narcissistic child was distracted by his reflection) but also to check the straps aren’t twisted. A few goes and it will be second nature. And because the straps are just (albeit reinforced) cotton, you won’t need to rock that ‘cardigan on backwards’ look because your jacket will still fit over your shoulders.

The carrier comes in three colourways. We tested the ‘Earth’ one, which is blue and brown striped. I thought at the time that it was quite subtle, but as I seem to have bought some very similar sofa cushions recently, the pattern obviously had a more lasting effect on me!”

The Amazonas Mei Tai is available to buy online from Funky Giraffe RRP £43.90