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The best sun protection for babies and toddlers

The general advice is to keep pre-6-monthers out of the sun. But of course that’s not always possible so a good sun cream is a must, even in the British Summer (although the NHS recommends children wear sunscreen from March thru October, which might be a little optimistic!)

Even for bigger ones, a gentle, mineral based option is preferable; here are our protection picks for holiday packing (or backyard paddling-pooling)
Clarins Sun Care Milk for Children 100% Mineral Screen UVA/UVB 50+, 150 ml

Clarins Sun Care Milk for Children is 100% mineral and active ingredients include aloe vera, kiwi and olive. It comes in a spray dispenser, so easy to apply – although it is quite thick consistency – and the waterproof formula is factor 50.

Banana Boat Mini Kids Sun Protection Lotion SPF 50, 60ml

Ultra water resistant and sand repellent, this one is fab for junior surfers and little beach bunnies. A cheaper option than some, but the UVA/B protection is highly photostable (ie it won’t break down in the sun).


Badger Balm SPF 30 Baby Sunscreen
Badger’s SPF30 Baby Sunscreen Cream contains non-nano Zinc Oxide, plus organic Sunflower Oil, Beeswax & Vitamin E – making it a great choice for sensitive skins (plus there’s a cute badger on the tube!)


Green People Organic Children Sun Lotion SPF 25 ‘no scent’ (150ml)
Green People support the Marine Conservation Society, so each purchase helps to protect the oceans, as well as delicate skin. Scent free (if you find some of them a bit potent) and a good option if your child suffers from prickly heat too.



Childs Farm Sunny day SPF50+ Suncream
Dermatologist approved for sensitive and eczema prone skin, this one is suitable for over 6 month old babies. It’s a non-sting formula (handy if your kids are in and out of the pool with goggles on) which moisturises whilst it protects.


Need a fab sun hat that also shields from the rays? Try Little Hotdog Watson’s Children’s Bucket Sunhat with UV Protection

Stay Sun Safe.

One of the loveliest changing bags we have ever reviewed…

Editor writes: I get asked all the time to recommend changing bags. Whilst everyone’s needs and style are different, there are some bags that really do set the bar high. And right now, I think that Born in Britain’s Charlton Hobo bag in Berry Red is nothing less that celestial.

A while back we ran a feature debating (as this is a frequent conversation we have) whether one actually needs a changing bag (read it here). Whether actually a classic leather handbag could just hold baby items anyway (Kate Moss, of course, set the trend for this…) 

Born in Britain’s Charlton bag is one of two styles they offer (the Wyn tote is slightly larger) and they both come in a choice of chic colourways. The Berry Charlton is the shade of red that makes one think of vintage phoneboxes or Routemaster buses. It is the shade that matches MAC’s Lady Bug red lipstick. It’s that sort of red that pulls together an outfit in a classic feminine way (think Amelie, or Natalie Portman for Chanel).

Whilst there is a cross-body strap, it is just as easy to carry this bag on your shoulder, even whilst pushing a buggy and coaxing a toddler on a scooter. The rear change compartment pocket unzips to reveal a changing mat in glorious duck egg blue which is luxuriously padded, rather like the trim of a classic car. There is ample room for a couple of nappies, wipes, bottles, teethers etc (if you are the sort of person who likes to carry LOTS of stock, then size up to the Wyn tote) and the main compartment can easily hold an ipad, notepad, make up bag – even a bottle of prosecco (cos, c’mon – sometimes we need one in our changing bag, right?)

Really clever touches include the super deep elasticated pockets, so your handcream won’t explode inside (you could also fit a pair of roll-up ballet flats in here) and the front pocket which is great for holding your phone/keys/sunglasses – the popper keeps the section secure enough to stop theft but means you can grab your essentials without needing a huge rummage.

In short. this is the changing bag a Bond girl would carry, should she find herself with child.

Find out more and shop online at Born in Britain. 

The Charlton Hobo comes in Berry, Tan or Midnight Black, RRP £195

OMG aden+anais are having an online sale!

For the first time, aden+anais, erstwhile makers of wonder-muslin, are having a sale on their website. Grab yourself a bargain across selected items with up to 40% off!

As well as the swaddles and sleeping bags aden+anais are known best for, their sale also includes hooded towels (trust us, these are super soft) snap and burpy bibs, dresses, jogger pants, kimono baby grows (wonderful for wriggly babies) – in many of their much loved, timeless prints such as Vintage Circus and Stars.

The sale lasts until 31st March – click here to shop.

#MMHA16: will the Doona get your vote?

BADGE2So, it’s a legal requirement to have a Group 0 carseat in order to bring one’s newborn home from hospital by car (and in some hospitals they enforce this rule even if you plan to walk or take public transport!) but who says that it needs to solely function as a carseat alone? Not the clever boffins at SimpleParenting, creators of the Doona, that’s for sure!

Like so many genius inventions, combining two useful things together saves time, space, arm muscles and a few pennies (think of the Trunki, Wash n Go, the Fitbit, errr…the snood…) and in this case the Doona is the hybrid of a carseat and a stroller… One minute it secures your child in the back of your car, then you arrive at your destination and – hey presto – no need to struggle getting a buggy out of the boot, or fiddle about trying to attach clips and the carseat to a buggy frame – you simply unlatch the Doona’s own wheels and off you go…

The Doona comes in a whole rainbow of cheery colours and the whole thing weighs around 7kg (so lighter than a Bugaboo Bee). To quote Baldrick from Blackadder, we think the Doona is “as cunning as a fox who’s just been appointed Professor of Cunning at Oxford University…”

Vote for the Doona in the MMHA16 on social media by using the hashtag #MMHADOONA

Columnist Janey Holliday’s guide to Fitting fitness around the kids

Janey headJaney Holliday, founder of www.makingthingseasy.com (providing online food, fitness and lifestyle programs for busy women), is a single working Mum of three. Here she explains how fitting exercise in when you’re a busy Mum, is easy when you know how.

I’ve been a single Mum to my nearly eight year old twins for seven years now and I had my daughter by myself in March.  One thing I know for sure, it’s essential for me to be fit and strong because this makes being a Mum so much easier. Plus exercise keeps me sane around all the immense juggling I do!  I love having the ME time and sense of freedom by training outside when I can, but I also need the flexibility of online workouts to fit in around the children day to day.  Plus, I’m clever at combining fun, family activities that sneak exercise in without anyone realising.

I coach many Mums and having no time is one of the top reasons they tell me they don’t exercise regularly. But making time for something so important (that make us Mums feel SO good and benefits the whole family as a result!) is easy with the right attitude. Here’s my top tips on how to fit fitness in around the kids…

  1. Get fit digitally: In the digital era we’re in at the moment, women can shop online, date online and now get fit online. This means a few things for busy Mums doing my online fitness programs; 1) we don’t need to leave the house to exercise, 2) we don’t need to find more time to train and 3) You can train inside or even in the garden! I do the fitness videos from my own online bootcamps because they are just 10-30 minutes long and you can do what you want when. When my daughter was 7 weeks old I started doing Pilates in the garden – no baby sitter needed and no drive out to a gym!
  1. Look out for fitness opportunities everywhere! My twins love swimming and so I’ve been taking my 10 week old daughter swimming for a few weeks now – it’s essential that we can all do things together and ideally activities that burn calories janeyand make us feel good. I bought her a baby rubber ring/boat which means I can push her in the pool and do lengths whilst my boys play their shark games / diving competitions, or we have races together! Taking three children swimming by yourself is exercise in itself, ha ha! But I try to make it as fun as possible and we now do it twice a week.
  1. Exercise with the kids around: My children LOVE seeing me train at home and often join in. It means that I can do my 10 or 15 minutes whilst they are getting ready for school after breakfast and before the school run. If I need to do things to help them, I can just press pause and go back to it a few minutes later. Them seeing me exercise means they will grow up seeing their Mum prioritizing health and seeing exercise as a positive thing. They often join in too!
  1. Use children’s equipment to get fit:  Recently I’ve taken to jumping on the trampoline as a way of exercising outside without needing childcare! Once the kids have had enough, they do something else in the garden and whilst the baby sleeps in her pram, I get on and jump for my life! I play some great tunes and have created a couple of mini routines that involve basic jumps and twists and I love it. (I should add that I had a c-section and so I have no pelvic floor issues if you’ve had a natural birth don’t jump until you’re ready and some women may not be able to do these types of exercises!). But skipping is also great, bouncing a ball around, playing tennis or catch against a wall, there’s loads you can do in your own back yard.janey2
  1. Baby on your body to improve your body: My daughter now weighs about 12-13lb and I have an awesome Hana Baby sling that she sleeps in quite a bit during the day and is also my new training accessory when I walk up my nearest hill. I either go walking with my twins all together having a Sunday afternoon adventure or I hike it when they are at school. I have to say the sling also helps me get on with domestic chores and work which helps me create even more time.
  1. Just find 10 minutes: Most women avoid starting an exercise program because they think they need to find an hour or more a day. I just aim for 10 minutes on the days I am busy and if I can I do more, I do. Here’s me and Tabitha underneath the Cherry Blossom – she loves looking up at me and the sky and I love having her as motivation and distraction to the workout I’m dojaney3ing from the videos I’ve downloaded to my laptop! Is it me or does she look like she’s pointing at my laptop telling me to get on ;o)


  1. Get help so you can get out of the house: I really need to have some training escapism and there’s nothing I love more than heading out of the house and across the fields of Kent with some uplifting tunes in my ear! I have a little bit of part time help a few mornings a week now and this is when I get out the house quick! Here I am on my first post natal training run (well jog!) on a beautiful spring day. I can’t tell you how great I felt after this, it set my up for the whole day.

I exercise for the mental benefits first, then for physical strength and then for aesthetics – I love great  food, nice wine and being a size 12, so I’m extremely self-motivated (because you can have your cake and eat it with the right approach!).  But I also love to feel good over all else, so I actually think it’s easier to motivate yourself when you focus on how you feel.  Plus taking the pressure off to find 60 minutes, 7 days a week and just do something, it all adds up.

Hopefully these ideas will have inspired you to try fitting in more fitness around the kids, but if you need help and support kick starting a fitness routine and you want to get short term results yet being inspired for a lifetime, then come and try one of my online fitness programs.

Read Janey’s column in Slick Mummy magazine and follow her online @janeyholliday

Use slickmummyjune to get 20% off any of either the Tummy ATTACK or the Best Body 28 day online bootcamps that start on Monday 4th July. Simply visit the programs page at www.makingthingseasy.com

Sudocrem care and protect baby changing room awards sees Sainsbury’s top of the botties

A cause very close to our hearts is decent baby changing facilities in public places and we’re always happy to applaud those who go the extra mile for easing the stress of on-the-move bot-wiping.

For the second year running, Sudocrem Care & Protect launched its Awards in September 2014 to recognise the very best in baby changing facilities across the UK. The campaign prompted almost 1,000 parents to nominate their favourite baby changing rooms.

The award will be presented by TV and radio presenter and mother of two Katy Hill: “It’s vital that parents have access to clean and spacious baby changing facilities when they’re out and about with their baby. With two kids of my own, I know it’s the little things that count and facilities, which have been developed with parents in mind, are right up there with the coffee!”

Up trumps in first place came Sainsbury’s Wandsworth – parents were keen to praise the clean and spacious facilities,  comfortable changing mat in a calm environment, disposable towels, spacious toilet and plenty of room to swing a pram.

Runners up were John Lewis and Westfield.

Find out more at www.sudocrem.co.uk