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Our pick of Xmas jumpers…

Gosh – is it really that time already..? Be festive and beat the Autumn chill, we say – these ones are too fab to just be worn on 25th December.

SM tests… the Cake Maternity Zest Sports Bra

The Zest bra from Cake is a high impact sports bra designed for nursing. 

Editor writes: I’ll say it: this might be the best bra you’ll ever own. Whether you plan to breastfeed, or pound the streets with your trainers on, if childbirth has rendered you larger than a D cup, this bra not only gives great support, but is super comfortable  and incredibly flattering. 

If you are actually a gym bunny and looking to squeeze in a quick workout between feeds then even just putting this bra on will make you feel like a streamlined professional athlete – it has awesome hold and supports at the back to help your posture plus the straps don’t ride down whilst you are moving your arms. There is almost no bounce (even jogging) and the mesh paneled boob-divider bit in the middle means no sweaty cleavage (yes, I know, sorry…)

If you just want a day to day nursing bra, obviously Cake have a huge range (including their new Sugar Candy plus sized collection) but the Zest bra will double up as an everyday option. Despite the sporty colourways (grey/turquoise/yellow or black/orange) it gives you great shape under a tshirt or jersey dress (I’m a big fan of those Baukjen throw on dresses and they work wonderfully with this bra)

The nursing clips are really solid – they don’t ping off like some do when you have a lot of milk – and they’re very easy to snap on and off. Because this bra gives a lot of support, if you do find yourself walking around between feeds/expression having forgotten to do them up, your breasts won’t notice at all. 

As a brand, Cake is loved by the super-perky likes of Pink and Miranda Kerr… as well as hundreds of mums

The Zest bra is available online or in stores, RRP £46.90

Lovely Little Things: January Sales Picks

Things we really want right now at a snip of the price… Thank you January sales 🙂

A week in the life of a pair of Wolky Shoes

Wolky shoes might have a less-than-glam sounding name, but they have been specially and anatomically designed for walking (shopping/running for buses…) in comfort. And unlike a lot of ‘functional footwear’, the Wolky range is packed with super cute choices – from ballerinas to boots – with fabulous craftsmanship and on-trend colours.

Editor writes: I have spent the last week wearing a lovely pair of ‘Aspe’ suede espadrille wedges from Wolky. The shoes come in a gorgeous rainbow of colours but I opted for taupe as it goes with everything. At six months pregnant, comfort is important – but I’m not quite ready to throw in the style towel just yet – but with two kids already I also need a shoe that allows me a turn of speed when I need to chase after which ever one of them has run off with my car keys…

Monday: when the shoes arrived, all boxed up, I was wondering if I’d made a mistake ‘sizing up’ as the website suggested – but actually a size up was the perfect fit. They are great shoes, with a two inch heel (so enough height to give the simple Baukjen jersey dress that has become my pregnancy staple a little bit of ‘oomph’) and the colour is lovely. 

As I said, I am in the land of the puffy ankles at the moment, so I wasn’t expecting to be slipping these on and pirouetting; I wore them for the first few hours with a pair of socks (yep, really sexy!) in case there were any bits that rubbed. 

Tuesday: I actually had a midwife appointment today and wasn’t expecting to be standing in a queue for 45 minutes (those striking Junior doctors…) but the shoes did me proud. One thing it did make me think (whilst standing in line) was that greige toenail polish and taupe shoes wasn’t a great combo – so killed a bit of time wondering what might be more complimentary… rouge noir? neon yellowInstagramCapture_7226d141-7f51-448d-bbbc-d053903840bb

Went home and opted for a sort of pale lavender… 

Wednesday: ‘designed for walking’ says the Wolky slogan and today we were shooting products for the Summer issue of the magazine. The studio was on the third floor and I’d say I walked up and down three flights of stairs around 50 times over the course of the day, carrying everything from cushions and scented candles to coffee and croissants. Totally fine – although there was a moment of panic when I spilled latte on the suede (it wiped clean, it was fine…)

Thursday: my youngest had a play date at a friend’s house where they hadn’t mentioned that they had the paddling pool up. The two-year-olds thought that the muddy puddled garden (and resulting muddy paddling water) was a dream come true; I picked my way daintily through the swamp (well, as dainty as you can be at 26 weeks) but the wedge heels worked well and I didn’t skid. Unlike a lot of espadrilles, these ones actually do have a rubber sole, so a little bit of water doesn’t totally ruin them – I probably wouldn’t recommend *actually* paddling, but being  caught in a shower won’t do any harm…

Friday: we were off to the South of France for the weekend and trying to pack for four in just one hold bag – so basically it was ‘wear the shoes or leave them behind’. You’ll probably read loads of ‘advice’ to the contrary of wearing heels whilst pregnant on a two hour flight but it was totally comfy (and I did my usual kicking them off and sitting cross legged thing anyway…) 

Definitely chic footwear for strutting up and down promenades and jetties,  cobbled squares and hilly villages – I did feel a bit like Malibu Barbie wearing them beside the pool, but hey-ho… 

Want to #Win a pair of Wolky shoes from their Summer range? Just RT and follow @WolkyShopUK on Twitter to enter…

See Wolkyshop.co.uk for full t&c’s – no cash alternative

Coachella up your life…

OK so your days of hopping on a plane to a festival, armed with wanderlust, a credit card and your BFF might be somewhat in the past, but that doesn’t mean you can’t embrace a little bit of the Coachella fashion vibe. After all, you did see Guns n Roses the first time ’round…

image: Popsugar

Get a great weekender bag, like this Cayenne stripe one from TOMS (even if you just use it as a changing bag or to carry the kids’ tennis racquets to the park).


Be a sugar spun sister with pink lippy – Charlotte Tilbury’s Penelope Pink from the KISSING range is cashmere soft, has UV protection and is more wearable than some of the Coachella Barbie pastels.



This lace dress from Joanna Hope is elegant enough to rock to the school fete with nude heels, but dress it down for lazy Spring days with jeweled ethnic sandals and a leather jacket (we love Baukjen’s sea foam green butter soft version…)

Finally, hide sleep deprived peepers (pretend you were dancing on tables at the Neon Carnival, not tucking in and banishing the wardrobe monster at 3am) behind Coach’s cat eye Carter sunglasses in flattering tortoise shell.

Our pick of Rainy Day Wear

Lots of you have been voting for the amazing KoziKidz Rainwear in the #MMHA 2015 – a great set of outerwear that allows the little ones to have fun outdoors even in a downpour – but how about rainy day wear for grown ups?

Here’s our pick:

– Be quick, the Aspinal Marylebone Mini shopper in Raindrop Nappa is on sale right now…

– Or create muddy puddles ’round your eyes with the foolproof and surprisingly flattering Alexa Chung for Eyeko shadow liner in Taupe.

Baukjen’s cropped leather leggings are a modern twist on ‘wet look’ and cut to flatter.

– Girlie and glossy, these Hunter boots are on sale at Surfdome…

And be sure to check out the clever Floppy’Wester from Mumpreneurs Stott & Scott to keep your hair dry and your hands free…


Take some shelter from the heat and rustle up these Watermelon and Gin ice lollies… PS a Dixie Cup is just a small paper cup.


  • 2-1/2 cups seedless watermelon, cut into cubes
  • 1/3 cup seltzer water
  • 3 ounces frozen limeade
  • 1 teaspoon sugar
  • 1/2 cup gin
  • Mint leaves
  • 8 Dixie cups
  • 8 wooden ice cream spoons


  1. Place watermelon, water, limeade, sugar, gin and a few mint leaves into a blender. Blend on high until mixture is smooth.
  2. Pour about two to three ounces of mixture into each Dixie cup. Place on a baking sheet and freeze for about two hours. Carefully insert the wooden spoon into each cup about halfway in. Re-freeze another four to six hours or until set.
  3. To remove the Popsicle, carefully peel the paper cup away and very gently remove the bottom of the cup. Eat immediately or re-freeze.

Editor’s Tip: Match your pops to your outfit with the super sophisticated Claremont Dress from Bauken – currently 50% off on sale too!

How not to #fail with a cape…

Poor old Madonna at the BRITs, eh? But capes can be troublesome garments, even for the most (ahem) capable of us…

Invented in the Medieval times and the mainstay of the Roman Catholic clergy, capes became popular as female attire as they provided warmth without crushing one’s dress…

From the fairytale to the burlesque, from McQueen to Pucci, the cape has snuck in and out of fashion moments – and here’s our ’round up of SM friendly ones!

The Reverse Los Ojos Trench Cloak from Preserve.us: Blake Lively’s shopping site boasts this oversized, Spanish influenced, reversible number. Our tip: this would look beautiful over a simple LBD, we love Baukjen’s Jessica dress

The Seraphine Maternity Cape: for a maternity cover up that is super wearable afterwards, this one is tops. Not too bulky and the sleeve details is mega flattering; it is lovely and cosy too. Our tip: get some statement boots, we love Zara’s burgundy lace up ankle boots…

The Fleece Ruana scarf from House of Bath: for an outdoorsy wrap-cape, this one is great. Snuggly soft but can double up as a hardwearing, washable car blankie or picnic rug if need be! Our tip: build up some layers, wrap it over a waterfall cardy or accessorise with a snood.

Mint Green Smart Cape from Reiss: channel a little bit of Frozen-fantasy with some Parisian chic with this gorgeous pastel cape – out tip; invest in a pair of ladylike long gloves – like their Zinnia ones


Teen idols we *heart*… Lynda Day in Press Gang

Back in the early 90s nobody rocked a boyfriend cardigan like Julia Sawalha as editor Lynda Day in Press Gang. In a much more ‘fashion forward’ role than her latter-day Saffron in AbFab (although arguably rocking a similar look in a different context!) Lynda was feisty, frizzy and had an on/off frizzante with Dexter Fletcher…

Editor’s tip: we adore the Marino Car Coat from Baukjen for a modern update on the oversized cardy…