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SM reviews… The Dock & Bay beach towel

You might have seen Dock & Bay’s innovative towel design on Dragon’s Den, where they got investment from Deborah Meaden.

SM tester writes:In our house towels are two things: wet, and on the floor. We have a plethora of them, ranging from hoodie-style ones that resemble animals to those from bales we bought before we had kids (taupe) and those chosen by the kids (orange). On days when the kids all go swimming, in addition to having morning showers, as a family, we will have used at least ten towels in one day! 

Dock & Bay’s towels were designed for backpackers, heading off to remote Thai beaches or Ibiza yoga retreats. The USPs include it folding down very small and flat (for ease of packing), doubling up as a yoga mat that doesn’t curl at the edges and being made from microfibre which dries skin (and itself) quickly. Oh, and sand doesn’t stick to it. The Cabana design was inspired by vintage deckchairs.

Obviously (sadly) we’re not jetting off to do downward dogs at sunset in San Lorenzo – but packing a Dock & Bay towel into a swimming bag takes much less space and the generous size means that unless your child is super precocious, you can share one towel between you.

The towel also works well as a play mat; either to keep bits of LEGO contained on the living room floor or outside for a grass-picnic. Kids will love the stripes and bright colours (the stripes make handy race track lanes for matchbox cars too.)

As Dock & Bay currently have their whole Cabana towel set on offer for £74.99 I am quite tempted to ditch all our other towel fails and invest in these (not least because whilst they would look delightful on the washing line, they would also look just fine on the floor).”