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SM tests… Bee Good’s Necta Perfecta Beautifying Mask

We really fell for Bee Good’s range this year – they are the only British premium skincare brand to exclusively use British beeswax, honey and propolis in all their products and we gave them a #MMHA16 thumbs up…

So we were delighted to test their latest Necta Perfecta product; the UK’s first multi-tasking youth enhancing face and body enzyme mask to deliver targeted results & prepare your skin to maximise the effectiveness of your skincare, make-up and tanning products.

SM tester writes: “OMG, what a product. It comes in a huuuuge and posh looking jar, which costs £39.95, but I think a jar would last around 6 months, even with the extensive hammering I’m giving it! 

The gist is that you can use it on your face, scalp, feet, hands, elbows… anywhere dry or ‘problem’ and it delivers a double whammy of an enzyme peel and a mega moisture all in one. 

You’re meant to put it on your face either like a mask or like a cleansing balm (ie wash off with a muslin). The first night, instead of leaving on for 20 mins before bed I actually just fell asleep with it on – and woke up with lovely smooth skin! 

I have also been using it on my feet – if you saw my cracked heels you’d probably be a bit sick – let’s just say the hot summer hasn’t been kind and I should have spent a bit less time in flip flops – but it was really soothing and dealt with the cracked, flaky skin and sore patches – I’ve been popping a bit on before putting my gym socks and trainers on too as it means I take them off to nicer looking feet after a workout. 

You can use it as a scalp boost – I’ve been giving my head a little massage with it as the bonus effect is a volumising product that smells lovely (ingredients include orange, lemon and sugar maple as well as honey) – but you can just shampoo it out once it has worked its magic.”

Order online from Bee Good. 

#MMHABEEGOOD SM chats to… Simon Cavill of Bee Good

BADGE2Bee Good is the brainchild of Simon and Caroline Cavill and everyone is (ahem) buzzing about it in the beauty world. We were so impressed by their Youth Enhancing Plump & Firm Moisturiser that we shortlisted it for the #MMHA16.

Simon took time out to tell us a bit more about the brand…

SM: What made you decide to start making cosmetics from honey and beeswax?

Simon Cavill: As an experienced beekeeper, you soon become aware of the many uses of honey and beeswax,  going back thousands of years for wound treatments, various medical conditions and cosmetics. I had been using the name Bee Good as a brand on our jars of honey and then in 2008, my wife Caroline developed an interest in using some spare honey and beeswax from our bees in hand creams and lip balms. She made a few samples for family and friends which they loved.

We then did some research looking through some very old beekeeping books in the Hampshire Beekeepers library and found some recipes dating back to 1744 that we used to create our initial product range of lip balms, hand and foot creams.  These sold well at local fairs and farmers markets with great feedback and we won “best cosmetic” at the Hampshire Beekeepers show five years in a row.

SM: Where do you source your other ingredients from?

Simon Cavill: Our honey, beeswax and propolis comes from both our own bees as well as several bee farmers in the UK where we sponsor new apprentices working with them to create a sustainable industry in the UK. Our other ingredients are all sourced within the UK whenever possible and everything we produce is proudly made in the UK.

SM: Which are your bestselling products?

Simon Cavill: Our Honey & Propolis 2-in-1 Cream Cleanser has won numerous awards and has always been a great seller, but our Youth Enhancing Moisturiser is also selling really well and our new NectaPerfecta Beauty Mask is also getting rave reviews.

SM: And which do your own family like best?

Simon Cavill: Across the family, our favourite is probably the Honey & Borage Intensive Hand Repair which is really good for hard-working hands.  I am constantly washing my hands in cold water after handling bees or processing honey etc and it really works.  The girls in the family also love the Honey & Wild Water Mint Cleansing Water for removing make-up and refreshing the skin.  It’s also great kept in the fridge and used on a hot summer’s day!

SM: We love your packaging design, who is behind it?

Simon Cavill: Having great products is wonderful but I think that its really important that companies try and “delight” the customer and that includes every aspect of the brand including the packaging.  Simon designed the original concept of having Honeybees on the packaging along with a silhouette of a key plant used within each product and our graphic designers took it from there.  Also our shipping boxes used for orders from our website have bees on the inside as well as a number of other nice surprises that our customers really love.

SM: What have been your biggest challenges, running the business?

Simon Cavill: As a founder, bringing other people into the business leads to an inevitable but essential loss of control. However, without their knowledge of the beauty sector we would never have grown the business way we have.  Also transitioning out of our house and into proper business premises was a huge challenge as we went from a completely full space to one that suddenly seemed very empty! 

It’s also a big challenge for small companies to deal with all the logistical issues of supplying large volumes of products to partners like Waitrose, QVC, Amazon and the Hut Group etc who all want things supplied on pallets and uniquely labelled. Our next challenge is going to be expanding beyond the UK to meet the increasing demands for Bee Good from all over the World!

SM: And your proudest moment to date? 

Simon Cavill: I think it was when we won Best New Brand at the CEW Awards in 2015 – These are called the “Beauty Oscars” and it was fantastic to be recognised by over 1000 industry experts. What was even better is that we won the same CEW award again in April 2016 – I think thats unique!

SM: The plight of the British bee population has been a topic of concern for a few years now, is the situation getting better?

Simon Cavill: Unfortunately, no.  Our wild Bumblebees and Solitary bees are under increasing pressure from loss of habitat (97% of the UK’s wildflower meadows have disappeared since the 1940’s) , pesticides, and climate change. Wild colonies of native Honeybees are now extremely rare and populations can only be maintained by beekeepers who have to actively manage their colonies to combat the Varroa mite accidentally introduced from Asia in the 1980’s.  Bee’s and other pollinating insects are all critically important as they are required to pollinate 90% of flowering plants including almost all the fruits and vegetables we eat.

To vote for Bee Good’s Plump and Firm Moisturiser on social media use hashtag: #MMHABEEGOOD

Announcing the shortlist for the #MMHA16

BADGE2It’s the 7th of the 7th – so lucky for some – and hopefully for the following twenty products and brands that we’ve selected for this year’s Mummy Must Have Awards Shortlist. 

This year’s awards will be voted down to a final ten winners via likes on Instagram and retweets on Twitter – so show some love for the ones you rate highest and there will be some incentives and competitions along the way to make the voting more exciting 😉

Editor writes: this year’s shortlist was actually something of a challenge as we had so many fabulous submissions and suggestions. Our criteria for the #MMHA has always been quite broad in terms of category, but infinitely comes down to one simple fact: this product is bl**dy brilliant! Big thanks as usual to all the input from our writers and celeb mums and congratulations to all included in the shortlist…

The #MMHA16 Shortlist is as follows – in no particular order: 

Lilly and Sid Baby Blankets: in a world of blankies, these are the ones that kids would choose for themselves. Soft, washable, durable, ethical – you’ll find these well loved and still on the beds of pre-schoolers. To vote on social media use hashtag: #MMHALILLYANDSID
Nuna Leaf  Baby Seat: This clever baby rocker has a one-of-a-kind side to side floating motion and grows with your child to become a comfy toddler armchair. To vote on social media use hashtag: #MMHANUNALEAF

we love these little teats and spouts, which can be popped in a handbag or changing bag and are the perfect size to fit into a ready mix formula carton or a bottle of water. Reusable and dishwasher-proof, they are possibly the best £7 you’ll spend… To vote on social media use hashtag: #MMHACHILLIPEEPS
aden+anais Muslins and Dream Blankets: with a constantly evolving range of gorgeous but understated designs, these muslins and blankets really do get softer with each wash and are roomy, for snug as a bug swaddling and snuggling. We love the latest Disney collaboration prints as well as the chic classic designs. To vote on social media use hashtag: #MMHAADENANDANAIS
Pacapod Jasper: loved by celebs ranging from Benedict Cumberbatch to Zara Phillips, the Pacapod’s unique pod system means that you can just ‘grab and go’. We adore the Jasper’s chic leather outer, spacious interior and general elegance – and the fact that it crams 35 litres of baby clobber into one hardworking handbag. To vote on social media use hashtag:  #MMHAPACAPOD
Tiffany Rose: celeb mum Becky Mantin told us “I love Tiffany Rose for pregnancy & nursing clothes” and we fully agree; stunning designs, flattering fit and the occasion wear really does make one feel ladylike and special (even in the third trimester). To vote on social media use hashtag: #MMHATIFFANYROSE
Boden Mac: we had great deliberation about the perfect ‘school run coat’, but in the end (thanks to the unpredictability of the British Summer) the Boden Mac was the clear winner. Showerproof, with a hood to keep your hands free and pockets big enough to hold Fruit Shoots, car keys, wipes and bits of toast – this coat comes in a range of vibrant or classic colourways and means you’ll always look ‘together’ no matter how late you are running…  To vote on social media use hashtag: #MMHABODENMAC
Bambini & Me Rompers: we think Bambini & Me is definitely a ‘one to watch’ brand and we fell in love with the adorable range of rompers and bodysuits, made with skin-friendly bamboo. The range also includes swaddles and sleeping bags – all very unisex and deeply delightful. To vote on social media use hashtag: #MMHABAMBINIANDME
Bee Good Plump and Firm Moisturiser: made with British wildflower honey and hyluronic acid, this day cream packs an absolute suckerpunch of tightening, glowgiving and nourishing – so much so that we swear you can go without makeup. To vote on social media use hashtag: #MMHABEEGOOD
The Organic Balm Co Baby Mother and Baby Nourish Balm: a one stop solution for stretch marks, rough elbows, sensitive baby skin, dry feet, eczema… You name it, this delicious blend of vitamins, omega 3’s and hemp seed oil can zap it! The pump dispenser makes it changing-bag friendly too… To vote on social media use hashtag: #MMHAORGANICBALM

Bobux Shoes
: designed for little feet to have the freedom of being barefoot, this range of padders, first walkers and toddler shoes is not only created to allow healthy development but the comfortable fit also ensures ‘stay-ability’ if you have a child who insists on throwing their footwear off in the supermarket…Check out the latest collaboration with Solene Roure also. To vote on social media use hashtag: #MMHABOBUX
Belly Bandit Tummy Tucker: your new best friend when it comes to blitzing the baby belly, this postpartum secret is made from medical grde, latex free elastic and is recommended by doctors – as well as being loved by celeb mums including Camilla Rutherford, who called it ‘Mother’s Little Helper…’ To vote on social media use hashtag: #MMHABELLYBANDIT

Mon Breton: we’re big fans of the Breton top as a ‘throw on with jeans and you don’t notice the yoghurt stains’ mummy-dressing solution. Mon Breton have pushed the boundaries of a timeless classic by allowing you to personalise with initials or cute emojis. Go matchy-matchy with their men’s and kids’ range too… To vote on social media use hashtag: #MMHAMONBRETON
Oh Arthur: This trio of ladies have put together a ridiculously cute collection of childrenswear and accessories – making them undoubtedly one of our favourite boutique startups. To vote on social media use hashtag: #MMHAOHARTHUR
Baby Bjorn One Outdoors:  real game-changer if you like to a) babywear b) yomp or c) want no limits on where you and baby can explore. Festivals, hill climbs, fun runs… this carrier can take on the elements and is ergonomicaly designed for comfortable carrying from birth to three years. Lovely colourways too! To vote on social media use hashtag: #MMHAONEOUTDOORS
Laurence King Colouring Books: Jasmine Guinness told us “, you can never go wrong with a colouring book and pencils, it’s such a nice thing to do and luckily the kids agree. Creativity is so important.” And when it comes to fabulous, innovative colouring books we adore the range from Laurence King Publishing, such as ‘To the Moon, the World’ Tallest Colouring Book’. To vote on social media use hashtag: #MMHALAURENCEKING
Doona: this carseat-come-stroller really has broken the mould when it comes to practical design and out-of-the-box thinking. Laura Hamilton told us “this is one of my all-time favourites.  It is so convenient for travelling or even if you need to pop out quickly.  So many people comment on it when they see it because it’s such a clever invention.” To vote on social media use hashtag: #MMHADOONA
Nappy Grab bags: wipes, cream, nappy and mat all in one pocket-sized solution. Biodegradable, simply roll it all up and bin it afterwards. Keep one in the car, under the buggy, in your coat pocket – life suddenly got a whole lot simpler! To vote on social media use hashtag: #MMHAGRABBAG
Splashabout Wetsuits: the brand that brought you Happy Nappies now has a range of wetsuits for children and babies (including one that integrates the famous nappy pants), meaning that kids will stay in the water for longer without getting cold – and easing the transition from warmer baby pools to regular/outdoor pools (or English seaside paddles!). Adorable designs and a range of lengths/sizes – Beyonce’s daughter loves the ‘Apple Daisy’ one. To vote on social media use hashtag: #MMHASPLASHABOUT
Smalls: layer up with these merino wool tops and leggings that are so pretty they work as outerwear or PJs too. Brilliantly breathable, your kids will be warm and toasty (but not uncomfortable or sweaty). Merino stays cleaner for longer (less washing) and it doesn’t sag, bag or shrink. Fab underlayers for flights, camping trips and puddle jumping…To vote on social media use hashtag: #MMHASMALLS

We hope you like our selection and will show your support by giving your favourites some social media love. The votes will be counted on August 4th and the final ten winners announced.

One last thing: we have two extra award categories this year, both of which will be voted for by our editorial panel and guest judges. They are Buggy Love (our stroller category) and Better World (our charity and ethical partnership award). Watch the site for more details on both of these.