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In praise of… Paddling Pools

If you’re sweltering in the Indian Summer heat; whether (like some of our writers) battling swollen pregnancy ankles or just trying to  cool those nerves the school holidays have frayed – if you have the garden space we highly recommend the guilty pleasure solution of dunking your feet in the kids’ paddling pool…(*sipping a g&t is an optional perk)

Anyway – we’ve spotted a couple of great deals we thought we’d share…

Bestway’s Steel Frame pool measures 259 x 170 x 61 cm (L x W x H) and can be delivered to your home in 3 days. A bargain at just £64.99 from new online garden/DIY retailer manomano.co.uk. 


Or how about this circular blow
up pool – a whopping 10ft diameter – at just £20.99 from Aldi. Worth investing in a pump to inflate this, so you’ve got enough puff left for some underwater laps…