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SM chats to… Face Yoga Expert Danielle Collins

We were intrigued when the world’s leading face yoga expert Danielle Collins got in touch to tell us about her methods, her app and DVDs and her organic skincare serum.

But after a  few days of trying her face yoga app and nourishing our skin with her divine facial product we were hooked!

Danielle took time out for a chat to tell us all about her world.

SM: You obviously have a lot going on right now! Where does this interview fit in your schedule today?

Danielle Collins: I am sat in the gorgeous ‘Beyond the Kale’ juice bar in Bath having a green smoothie! I travelled back from my clinic in London’s Harley Street late last night after seeing clients for Face Yoga, did the nursery run this morning and did some training via Skype with someone in India who is training with me to be a Face Yoga teacher. Then I will pick my daughter up from nursery, bath her and put her to bed! Then it will be some time to eat, do yoga, see my husband and get a good night’s sleep! My days vary so much- one day I can be spending the day in the park with my daughter and the next I can be filming for a TV show. I love the variety- it keeps life interesting!
SM:  How was your face yoga method developed?

Danielle Collins: My journey started around 13 years ago when I was diagnosed with ME. I was very unwell for almost 2 years and despite doctors not knowing how to cure the illness I managed to completely recover from it using natural and holistic therapies. When I was recovered I trained as a yoga teacher, relaxation therapist, nutritionist and wellbeing coach and was teaching a lot of yoga classes. I was noticing more and more how my clients were enjoying how yoga was transforming their bodies and minds but they were increasingly asking for a natural solution to help the face to look and feel healthier too. This is when I started The Danielle Collins Face Yoga Method. I combined techniques that had been used for thousands of years in Indian and Chinese medicine such as relaxation and acupressure with new research and techniques which work with exercising the face muscles and massaging the skin. I have been very blessed that over the last decade I have been able to teach this to so many people around the world and regularly appear on TV and media. I have such a strong desire to help others to feel healthier and happier whether it be to overcome illness in the way I had or to just be our best self.

SM: You obviously have a lot of face yoga fans out there, but do you also get some strange reactions when you tell people what you do?

Danielle Collins: One of the things I love about doing what I do in the public eye is being able to reach so many people. Everyday I get emails from people saying how face yoga, yoga and the other things I offer have helped them and made a difference to their lives. That’s means so much to be as that’s why I do what I do on an international scale as I have a passion for helping as many people as I can to improve their health, happiness and well being. And yes I do have the odd surprised reaction when I say to people I do Face Yoga!! Most people seem genuinely interested in what it is though and by the end of our chat they are usually asking me to demo an exercise to help them! 

SM: Which is your best-selling DVD/product?

Danielle Collins: My DVD ‘10 Minute Natural Face Lift’ and my Face Yoga App (same content as the DVD) are the best sellers. I think people are attracted to the fact all the exercises are in 10 minute sections which fit in well to a busy lifestyle. And of course the fact that they can do something to help the face look amazing which is very natural and doesn’t cost much. 

SM: Does your daughter do yoga with you?

Danielle Collins: Yes she loves Yoga. She turns 3 in October and she has grown up with Yoga. I have a studio in my house so she just sees it as normal to play on yoga mats and with yoga blocks etc. She also loves watching my TV appearances and videos and joins in with them!  I always make the yoga we do together really fun and like a game. Yoga with children shouldn’t be too serious and can’t last too long as they don’t stay on the mat for long enough! I feel so happy that she is growing have up knowing a wonderful tool to help her mind, body and face be healthy and happy.

SM: You look AMAZING, how much yoga and face yoga do you do each day? 

Danielle Collins: As a busy working mum I have to fit what I can in around everything else. Each day I do a little face massage and face acupressure each time I apply my moisturising serum. Then I also do 20 minutes of face yoga- ideally on my yoga mat but quite often its in front of the TV whilst I am relaxing in the evening with my husband! I always make time for me on my yoga mat to do yoga though every day, this is non-negotiable as it makes such a difference to my health and wellbeing to do this. It really depends on time and energy what I do on my mat. Sometimes it’s an upbeat combination of strength exercises, Pilates and yoga focused on particularly parts of the body like the exercises in my 10 Minute Natural Body Lift DVD and Body Yoga App (I actually filmed this when my daughter was 7 months old as I wanted busy parents to be able to exercise in just 10 minutes a day but still see results). Sometimes I do a calmer, more meditative yoga like the techniques in my 10 Minute Natural Mood Lift DVD and Wellbeing Yoga App which I find are great if I am feeling tired but still want the benefits of yoga for my body and mind. 

SM: What has been the proudest moment of your career?

Danielle Collins: There have been so many moments which I have enjoyed and I am proud of. I think it was the first time I appeared at the Yoga Show in London. It was the first time I presented Face Yoga nationally and it felt like such a pivotal moment in my career. Also I loved teaching in Maldives. I am lucky to have a job where I have amazing moments every day!

SM: And finally, we had to ask, as the leading face yoga expert can you tell us if there is really any truth in that old saying ‘if you frown you’ll get wrinkles’?

Danielle Collins: There is some truth in this. Holding tension in the face for long periods for time can cause deep lines. Also, if we frown this is often a reflection of not feeling good in our minds and this alone can age us too. Feeling happy in our minds and relaxing, exercising and massaging the face is the way to look great!