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SM chats to… Jacqui McDonald of Goddess School

If ‘Goddess School’ conjures up images of that episode of Friends with the ‘Be Your Own Windkeeper’ book (Ed – or maybe a great name for a 90s girl band) then you haven’t heard of Jacqui McDonald.

A former burnt-out media agency power-woman she embarked on a journey to find herself and discovered a whole phenomenon – namely that within every woman is a goddess that needs to be worshiped.

We were enthralled by Jacqui’s wry and relatable stories of afterwork wine binges or how to attract men and so were delighted that she could take the time to share some goddess wisdom with us all.

SM: Thanks for taking the time to do this interview. Where do we fit into your schedule today?

Jacqui McDonald: I’m just getting ready to fly to LA for a weekend of Aphrodite Training – which is about remembering that although our lives can be hectic and stressful, it’s important to know how to turn on that sensual, romantic and enchanting side of ourselves so that we can enjoy spectacular love-lives.
SM: How did the Goddess School come about?

Jacqui McDonald: In my personal quest to have it all, I ended up with nothing. I had focused too hard on my career in my 20s and 30s, and it left me with adrenal fatigue, a bulging waistline, a broken marriage and infertility.  And so I embarked on an epic journey to heal myself, and what I discovered along the way blew my mind.  I went from trying to be Superwoman – busy rescuing everyone else, to becoming a Goddess – gorgeous, feminine, full of love and proudly worshipping myself.  My whole life changed. By altering the relationship I had with myself I rescued my health, adopted two amazing children, created a business and found a hot new man. That’s the true power of love. It then became very clear to me that I needed to share everything I learned with other women who are suffering the consequences of living a life out of balance.
SM: What can women hope to achieve from the courses?

Jacqui McDonald: Primarily it’s about cultivating a crazy, loving, exciting new relationship with yourself. After that, the improved confidence, fabulous body, great relationships, better sex life and powerful sense of knowing your life purpose happen automatically.

The greatest challenge my clients face is that wellbeing feels like yet another thing on their to-do lists.  Goddess School works because it makes wellbeing exciting.  It creates a paradigm shift where all the healthy stuff seem fun, glamorous and highly aspirational.  My clients quickly learn to connect with their intuition to be guided towards food choices that they love.  And knowing that practicing meditation, mindfulness and my magic Goddess rituals will make them feel self-confident, sexy and even create more time in the day is all the motivation they need to stick with the programme. 
SM: You obviously have a lot of success stories, but do you get some strange looks when you tell people what you do?

Jacqui McDonald: It’s so interesting.  Most women react in exactly the same way, saying: “Oh! I want to go to Goddess School!”  I actually think there is a Goddess inside every woman, and that we intuitively know that we need to get back to this magical and powerful side of ourselves in order to start living our best lives.

SM: And what do your family think of Goddess School?

Jacqui McDonald: My boyfriend is hugely supportive as he sees what a difference it’s made to my health, confidence and our relationship since I began embracing my inner Goddess.  He thinks he’s the luckiest man in the world!  My 11 year old daughter is fascinated by it all and aspires to lead a Goddess lifestyle – which is fundamentally about having a healthy relationship with yourself. So I’m actually humbled that she won’t be growing up with flawed beliefs about diets and negative body-image.  That’s the best gift I can give her as a mother.
SM: You cite celebs such as Susanna Reid as goddess icons, but are there any celebs you’d care to name whom you think would benefit from the courses?

Jacqui McDonald: It broke my heart recently when I watched a documentary about Whitney Houston.  It just goes to show that you can have all the talent and money in the world, but unless you like what you see in the mirror each day, it counts for nothing.  What a waste of life.  And her daughter’s life too.  So tragic.  I think that learning to love and honour yourself should be taught to all young girls in high school. Our culture is so obsessed with working hard and achieving.  I aspire to teach women that there is another way to success, and it starts with love. 

SM: A good diet obviously has a strong link to goddess well-being… do we all need to lock away the biscuit tin to succeed? 

Jacqui McDonald: That depends what’s in your biscuit tin!  The 4 Week Goddess Re-balance Programme teaches you to think entirely differently about food.  You will learn about how certain foods affect your hormones, energy levels, moods and ultimately your relationships. When you realise that sugar and carbs can make you irritable and snappy, you no longer desire them.  If you want to be a fun, hot, healthy mama and a great role model to your kids – start making great food choices, today!  Don’t wait.  And remember that this is not about diet and deprivation.  Quite the opposite.  We focus on all the amazing, healing, cell-repairing, mood-enhancing, delicious, sociable and easy-to-make foods that you get to eat – i.e. crowding out the crap.  Very quickly you will be WANTING to fill the biscuit tin with healthier options. Anything else just wouldn’t make sense.

SM: And finally, if you could give our readers one piece of goddess-advice, what would it be..? 

Jacqui McDonald: Love yourself.  It really is the key to everything.  If you can learn to worship yourself like a Goddess, a magical shift occurs.  Firstly, you accept yourself unconditionally.  No more comparisons.  No more negative talk.  Just love.  It then becomes natural, fun and easy for you to nourish your physical body with foods that make every cell radiate with great health and vitality.  Then it keeps getting better and better.  You look in the mirror and see a radiant, confident, sexy woman who can do whatever she sets her mind to.  You make brighter, bolder decisions and you create a life that’s bursting with joy.  The love you have for yourself radiates to everyone in your universe, and comes back to you in spades.  Maintaining this state of wellbeing then becomes effortless. That’s the secret.  And it works.

Find out more well-being for women at http://goddessschool.co.uk/

Images courtesy of Goddess School