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SM reviews… The Ergobaby OMNI 360 carrier

Editor writes: “Ergobaby put a LOT of thought and effort into the design of their latest carrier. It has been designed to be ‘the only carrier you’ll need’ from newborn to preschool, with four carry positions (parent facing, world facing, hip and back) and no insert needed, even right from week one. 

I’ve been using Ergo’s a lot with my 3rd child, who is almost one. Sure, they might be a bit ‘more’ to carry with you (if it’s one of those ‘I’m not sure if we’ll need a buggy or a carrier’ situations) but lately, I have been challenging myself to just put the baby in the carrier and keep my hands free (for carrying bikes, scooters, shopping – or just gesticulating wildly!)

As my son has grown (well, he was never exactly a delicate flower…) I have been keen to encourage back-carrying, not least because I feel that he’ll be carried for longer like that (but also because it makes carrying scooters and waving one’s arms about whilst berating a sibling much more efficient.)

But due to a number of factors, I had mostly (to date) just been carrying him in the parent facing, front carrying mode. Which is fine, but makes tying shoelaces (your own or your kids’) tricky. Ditto when you drop your car keys on the floor you sort of have to limbo down to the floor. 

Enter the OMNI 360, in gorgeous, ‘go with anything’ Midnight Blue. First, we gave it a go in ‘world facing’, front carrying mode. Which was lovely for my son, but rubbish for me, as the newfound freedom of his arms meant that he was grabbing my phone, pulling things off shelves and reaching for Mummy’s wine o’clock tipple…

So then I went for it with the back carrying. You can either start with the baby on your hip and sort of shimmy them ’round to your back, or go for what some babywearing types call ‘the Santa sack toss’ where you just try and get them up there and the straps on in one seamless move. (Or – get your other half to position your child…)

Here’s a pro doing it…

With a wriggly baby, I found the easiest was to do the maneuver over the sofa or a bed – with the OMNI you are just doing the same Ergo thing in reverse (ie set the straps beforehand, pull on and clip). 

Back carrying with the OMNI is really effortless; on par with carrying a well fitting backpack. As the model on the Ergobaby website demonstrates, it is also possible to do it whilst wearing white jeans and without getting biscuit crumbs in your hair #winning. 

I shall try the hip position next and report back…

One of the other ‘new touches’ to the OMNI design is the ‘fanny pack’ bag which, when in its original clip position and on someone who is 5ft 4, sits literally on your foo-foo. As my other half said, you’d know about it if you were pickpocketed! Thankfully, you can detach it and – as it’s the perfect size for carrying keys, phones, bribery packets of chocolate buttons and the like – clip it to another part of the carrier.

Obviously, all the positions are hip-safe (because it’s an Ergo) and you can wash it on a warm cycle in the case of ‘little accidents’ (although here’s hoping you don’t have to do this too often…)”

Shop online for the new OMNI 360 – RRP £154.90

SM chats to… Annika Sander-Löfmark of BabyBjörn

BabyBjörn is a hero brand that has been pushing the boundaries and creating fantastic products for decades. Since the 60s the Jakobson family business has grown into an empire and more to the point a household name for parents – albeit an often mispronounced one!

Porträtt (3)

We put some of our questions to Head of PR, Annika Sander-Löfmark…

SM: We ADORE the look of the new Ice Cream collection – how did the concept for this range come about? 

Annika Sander-LöfmarkThe Bouncer and BabyBjörn One carrier are firm favourites of parents all over the world, and we wanted to bring a fresh look to the collection this summer in partnership with John Lewis. We have absolutely brilliant designers and art directors, we produce all our own shoots and always try and make everything perfect- we couldn’t get the right shade of pink for the Dad’s suit, so the stylist literally painted it the exact shade! We work with scan and style trends to inspire us too.

SM: Any plans to bring back any of the original 60s or 70s designs ?

Annika Sander-LöfmarkPeople often ask us about limited edition collections we have run, and we actually did bring some of these back for the 50th anniversary in 2012, so you never know…

SM: The baby carriers have become the ‘must have’ accessory for the modern Dad (despite some backlash in the 80s), was this always one of the intentions behind the product?

Annika Sander-LöfmarkYes, Dads are very important for us and that they should feel comfortable using it. It has to suit both parents, function-wise and design-wise. Our first carrier, was featured in Harper’s Bazaar and was a navy blue, as the photography was in black and white it looked like the carrier was black – people were drawn to the unisex design and because of all the requests we received we made a black carrier which Dads love, and this has been a firm favourite ever since. Shortlist magazine, also once described our carrier as looking like “Batman’s armour” which we thought was a fantastic comparison for Dads.

SM: The acclaimed BabyBjörn highchair makes the bold decision not to have harnesses or straps, did you find parents needed some convincing that it was safe when the product was launched?

Annika Sander-Löfmark: Yes but we are used to introducing new solutions that didn’t exist before. The BabyBjörn Highchair has won prestigious awards all over the world and the reviews from parents about the product speak for themselves. The highchair took over 10 years from prototype to finished product, as we wanted to be certain that it could be the product that parents and babies could trust, most accidents in the home come from highchairs and babies cannot move or fall out of the BabyBjörn Highchair, and the angle of the legs mean here is no risk of them pushing their feet against a table and pushing themselves over either.

SM: Is there any difference between the One and the We design apart from the outward facing carry option? 

Annika Sander-LöfmarkThe One and the We are both a new generation of carrier, designed with the perfect ergonomics to carry children up to 3 years, the original and miracle carriers are still loved by parents for young babies, but many parents are now carrying their babies for longer so these new carriers accommodate this. As well as the outward facing option the One carrier can be opened on both sides so you can lie children down flat when taking them out. The We carrier, is a more simple, affordable carrier, which allows for inward and back carrying. Both are simple to put on and supportive for parents back and lumbar, as well as providing a comfortable seat for babies to travel, and to be part of the conversation, close to their mum or dad’s heart.

SM: As a family owned business, have there been any products that have personally stood out as favourites for any of the Jakobson generations of children?

Annika Sander-LöfmarkThe Jakobsons have been using and developing all the products and improve them all with time with the help of medical professionals all over the world. If they are not happy with it they change it. But they have of course a special relationship to the Bouncer and the Baby Carriers which have proved to make so many families so happy. When Björn developed the first carrier and carried his daughter in it, he said the bond it created was like floating on a cloud, and many parents have now experienced this.

SM: If our readers were to buy just one BabyBjörn product, which would you suggest?

Annika Sander-LöfmarkI would have to say the BabyBjörn Bouncer Balance Soft, such a life saver, we know so many mums that wouldn’t have been able to have a shower without it.

Visit the website for stockist info.