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The perfect investment handbag for the modern mother?

Wyn tote in black from Born in Britain

Sometimes – in our world – there are two ways of looking at a parenting accessory: something that is built for the purpose and the most stylish it can be, or something elegant that can also fulfill the task. A great example of this (which has sparked many a debate across our team) would be the day bag.

Kate Moss and Birkin

Do you opt for one of the ‘elite’ luxury changing bags (Pacapod, Kerikit, Born in Britain, Tibi & Marl etc being some of our faves) or do what Kate Moss (obviously!) started the trend for all those years ago by just re-purposing a great handbag (in her case an oversized Birkin) to carry all your essentials – plus your kids’ too.

Pearl Lowe – in our Winter issue of the magazine – told us that she tosses all her daughter Betty’s hairbrushes and toys into her trusty black Prada and you’ll see the likes of Fearne Cotton stuffing their Aspinal of London Marylebone totes with blankies and wet wipes – along with their yoga kit.

Large Queen bag in red by Jardine of London

Mary Jardine, founder of Jardine of London, suggested: “,The small cross-body ‘Queen’ Jardine of London bag is the perfect investment piece handbag for the busy Mum who needs her ‘hands-free’ whilst juggling the children and everything else required when out and about.  Big enough for her iPad and the little things you need when you have your little darlings with you for a day out – but small and light enough to be worn cross-body.  Made from sturdy goat-skin leather – this bag is very durable whilst maintaining its chic and stylish designer look.  No fiddly closures to the lid here – just a satisfying click as the lid‘s magnetic closure shuts tightly down keeping your possessions safely stowed away.”

Kristin Cavallari with her Chanel GST

Claudia Valentin, Handbag appraiser at Prestige Pawnbrokers and star of channel 4’s Posh Pawn has this advice: “,I personally believe that every Mum should have the classy Chanel GST (Grand Shopper Tote) in Caviar finish for long lasting wear.  it’s a really practical bag in every way and yet, still an heirloom!It features a functional interior with large and safe compartments as well as maintaining a very chic style with its beautiful chain straps and of course its iconic logo.This piece is suitable for all ages as it’s a timeless design for all seasons and comes in different colours to cater for a selection of daytime outfits may it be jeans and a jumper or a maxi dress. These bags tend to retail new at around £2500 but we can source them via our online shop for around £1700 which is such a good investment. You can find one on the online shop  at a very affordable price. The other classic designer must have bag for the modern mother in my opinion is the faithful Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM. These bags can hold a surprising amount of ‘mummy paraphernalia’ and can be the perfect transitional bag from daytime school run to a beach tote whilst still looking super glam taken out in the evening for dinner. These retail around £880 new and we can source them for a little as £500. Again you will probably pass a LV onto your children as they are such a timeless investment.”

PS there’s still time to drop a few Mothers’ Day hints 😉

Date Night Supper Club at Paradise by Way of Kensal Green

Paradise by Way of Kensal Green – the hipster bar (normally spotted in the back pages of Tatler playing host to some bright young thing’s 18th) is collaborating with a number of renowned chefs to create some exciting Supper Clubs worth booking the babysitter for…

Kicking off on Thursday 28th April, with a Spring Supper Club from Head Chef Cat Ashton (formerly of Petersham Nurseries). Cat will welcome a new season of stunning produce with a three-course feast celebrating spring ingredients such as asparagus, peas, lamb and new season strawberries. Kicking off at 6.30pm, tickets are priced at £30 per person and can be purchased here.

 From May onwards and throughout 2016, Cat will be welcoming a few friends into the kitchen at Paradise. Co-hosted by Cat, the series will feature Ella Woodward (Deliciously Ella) on 17th May, Nicolas Balfe (Salon Brixton) on 16th June, Adam Rawson (Young British Foodie award winner) in September, and Anna Jones (cook, stylist and writer) in October.

Paradise is located at 19 Kilburn Lane, Kensal Green, London W10 4AE. For reservations call 020 8969 0098. The website is www.theparadise.co.uk. @WeLoveParadise | @EpicCatFood | #TheParadise | #SupperClubsInParadise

SM chats to… Cecile Reinaud of Seraphine

We were thrilled to interview Seraphine founder and head designer Cecile Reinaud.

Parisian born Cecile began Seraphine in 2002 after pregnant friends often asked her to alter their clothes.

The brand – which is loved by mums worldwide, including celebs such as Angelina Jolie, Kate Hudson and Kate Middleton – is now the ‘go-to’ for chic, beautifully designed pregnancy style.


SM: Hello, and thanks for taking the time to chat to us. Where do we fit in your schedule today…?

Cecile Reinaud: You are very welcome, this is actually the last job on my list today and the office is nice and quiet. It’s always busy at Seraphine, so I like to save something nice and easy for the end of the day.
SM: Seraphine has won so many prestigious awards, what has been your proudest moment?

Cecile Reinaud: This has been a really special year at Seraphine; we had a win at the PayPal Awards and were tipped as the “Ones to Watch” on Richard Branson’s Fast Track 100 list. But my proudest moment has to be winning the Queen’s Award for Enterprise 2015. It feels wonderful to have all of our hard work recognised, and I was honoured to be invited to a reception at Buckingham Palace to meet The Queen!

image: Seraphine

SM: So many celebs favour Seraphine, is there someone whom you feel really defines the brand when they wear it?

Cecile Reinaud: I think one of the best things about our collection is that it caters for every mother’s style, and our wide range of celebrity clients really reflects that. We’ve dressed everyone from Hollywood A-listers like Kate Winslet and Jessica Alba, to rock stars like Gwen Stefani and even Royalty. And I’m always excited to see how these stylish women take our clothes and make them their own.

image: Twitter

If I had to pick one, my choice would have to be The Duchess of Cambridge. She favoured our signature collection through both of her pregnancies, choosing our Fuchsia Knotted Dress for the first official photographs with Prince George, and opting for several of our classic maternity coats whilst expecting Princess Charlotte. The Duchess has a real talent for elegant pregnancy dressing, and I am thrilled that she was such a fan of Seraphine maternity clothes through both of her pregnancies.

image: M Middleton, eonline

SM: You’ve created some prolific charity campaigns to support Tommy’s and Baby2Baby, what made you decide to do these collaborations?

Cecile Reinaud: I’ve always felt very strongly about giving back, and as a maternity brand it felt right to support charities that work to help mothers and babies. I first collaborated with Tommy’s over 10 years ago when Seraphine was still new. It is such a fantastic cause, but I will admit that my finance manager at the time was tearing his hair out wondering if I’d gone completely mad to be giving away so much profit! This year I’m thrilled to be working with Tommy’s again on a brand new charity campaign that will be backed by many of our celebrity clientele. I’m very excited about tech new initiative and our goal is to raise £100k for a new research centre in the UK on miscarriages, the campaign will be unveiled the first week of October we are hoping it will be a huge viral success and raise lots of money for this important cause.
SM: What has been your biggest business challenge to date?

Cecile Reinaud: Working across 3 time zones – America where we are opening more stores and growing our stockists, Europe where our offices are, and Asia were we are sourcing some of the production. The email flows never stop day and night, so knowing when to switch off can be difficult!
SM: Where does your design inspiration come from?

Cecile Reinaud: Oh all over! I love keeping track of the latest catwalk trends, but I find street style just as fascinating; this year it has been wonderful having London Fashion Week based in Soho, right by the Seraphine offices! Sometimes inspiration even comes from the girls at the Seraphine office. They’re a stylish bunch and I’ll often stop one of them to take a picture of their outfit to store away for ideas later on.
SM:  What has been your bestselling item (we are guessing the Jolene dress?) and which items are your personal favourites?

Cecile Reinaud: You guessed it! Our bestselling item is the Jolene Fuchsia Knot Front Maternity Dress worn by the Duchess of Cambridge in the first official photographs with Prince George. It sold out within hours after the pictures were released, and then generated a 10 week waiting list! 2 years on and the style is still consistently one of our top sellers. My personal favourites tech season are some of the gorgeous coats we have; they are luxuriously warm and soft with wool and cashmere blend and it great without a bump too. I’ll be wearing this one for my next trip to New York as it can get very cold there and for an elegant function I love to wear the coat that The Duchess of Cambridge wore to arrive in New York , I do feel like a VIP wearing it!

image: SG entertainment

SM: When you created the ShoeTherapy range, were you surprised that there weren’t more ergonomically designed, fashionable shoes out there?

Cecile Reinaud: To be frank, I was horrified! I developed ShoeTherapy during my second pregnancy when I suffered terrible back pain. I was advised to try orthopaedic shoes, but there were zero fashionable options out there – even my grandmother wouldn’t have been seen dead in the selection available.

I started ShoeTherapy as a way of making sure that there were stylish footwear options out there for fashionable mums-to-be to pair with their Seraphine maternity clothes.

image: Seraphine

Shop Seraphine here and follow Cecile on Twitter @CecileReinaud

Lose Baby Weight the 5* Way at a Matt Roberts Retreat


Celebrity trainer and gym empire owner Matt Roberts told us about his luxe retreats – and some of them are family friendly!

Slick Mummy: At first glance your Retreats look like the chance to top up my tan or snoop on a celeb wedding… Will I actually get fit?

Matt Roberts: There are between 4 and 5 hours of structured training every day, so getting fitter is a guarantee. In fact, for some this might sound like a lot of exercise to get through each day, however the way each day is planned and orchestrated means that your body is being tested in different ways and different intensities throughout, making sure that you are stretching your ability but staying within the realms of possibility!

Slick Mummy: What made you decide to include the Retreats as part of your brand?

Matt Roberts: The demand and trend for fitness and activity based holidays is one that is growing rapidly. Clients have asked me to do these for years but I only wanted to do them when the time was right and I had the best venues available for the Retreats programme. This isn’t slumming it and eating basic food, this is being pushed physically, staying in a luxury surrounding, having first class service throughout and some incredible food. Only when it was a perfect offering was I keen to get the service out there, and now it is ready so we are pushing ahead at full speed.

Slick Mummy: How did you choose the locations?

Matt Roberts: They are places that I personally like to go to and that I have tried out many times. Whenever I travel I exercise hard, and wherever I am I am always thinking how great the venue might work for a group. So I have picked the places that I know work well, and there are more to come too!

Slick Mummy: Are the fitness programmes tailored to the venues…? How does working out on a Retreat differ to in one of your clubs?

Matt Roberts: The programmes vary venue to venue based upon the setting, facility, environment and climate, however the basic structure of each day remains similar in format, with the same approach to the overall timing and scheduling of the day. The Training itself is comprised of many of the approaches that you would get in my clubs, it simply provides us with an extended time each day with each client in which to get even more work done. This concentration allows us to get some great results in the Retreat and gives the client a massive boost in their programme once they are back home again. Clients all say that the effect on their body when they had returned home was amazing and that the results just keep on coming!

Slick Mummy: You’ve been quite vocal about parents setting a fitness example to reduce child obesity. Are your Retreats family friendly?

Matt Roberts: Our retreat at Forte Village is certainly family friendly, there is a great kids programme of sports and exercise at the resort and the service is set up to allow parents to do the Training programmes and kids to do the sports and then meet up during the day at various points along the way.

Slick Mummy: You’ve trained the likes of Tom Ford and John Galliano, did they teach you anything about fashion in return..?

Matt Roberts: I’m sure some of what they said rubbed off!

Slick Mummy:  We hear you’re a fan of photography/arts. Has anything caught your eye recently?

Matt Roberts: Yes, but unfortunately they weren’t for sale and even if they were I’m afraid the price might be prohibitive. The Picasso Museum in Barcelona has some amazing pieces and I’m particularly keen on the Blue period. Most people describe it as melancholic but I personally just saw a great deal of calm in them (probably something Freudian!)

Slick Mummy: And finally, do you have any vices..?

Matt Roberts: I always get asked this! I guess people would love to hear that I’m a secret choco/alcoholic!

No, sorry, I don’t! my answer used to be that I love a really great glass of Bordeaux or Barolo, however I stopped drinking completely a year ago, so even that’s gone! sorry to disappoint!

Visit www.mattroberts.co.uk/retreats for more information.