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The perfect investment handbag for the modern mother?

Wyn tote in black from Born in Britain

Sometimes – in our world – there are two ways of looking at a parenting accessory: something that is built for the purpose and the most stylish it can be, or something elegant that can also fulfill the task. A great example of this (which has sparked many a debate across our team) would be the day bag.

Kate Moss and Birkin

Do you opt for one of the ‘elite’ luxury changing bags (Pacapod, Kerikit, Born in Britain, Tibi & Marl etc being some of our faves) or do what Kate Moss (obviously!) started the trend for all those years ago by just re-purposing a great handbag (in her case an oversized Birkin) to carry all your essentials – plus your kids’ too.

Pearl Lowe – in our Winter issue of the magazine – told us that she tosses all her daughter Betty’s hairbrushes and toys into her trusty black Prada and you’ll see the likes of Fearne Cotton stuffing their Aspinal of London Marylebone totes with blankies and wet wipes – along with their yoga kit.

Large Queen bag in red by Jardine of London

Mary Jardine, founder of Jardine of London, suggested: “,The small cross-body ‘Queen’ Jardine of London bag is the perfect investment piece handbag for the busy Mum who needs her ‘hands-free’ whilst juggling the children and everything else required when out and about.  Big enough for her iPad and the little things you need when you have your little darlings with you for a day out – but small and light enough to be worn cross-body.  Made from sturdy goat-skin leather – this bag is very durable whilst maintaining its chic and stylish designer look.  No fiddly closures to the lid here – just a satisfying click as the lid‘s magnetic closure shuts tightly down keeping your possessions safely stowed away.”

Kristin Cavallari with her Chanel GST

Claudia Valentin, Handbag appraiser at Prestige Pawnbrokers and star of channel 4’s Posh Pawn has this advice: “,I personally believe that every Mum should have the classy Chanel GST (Grand Shopper Tote) in Caviar finish for long lasting wear.  it’s a really practical bag in every way and yet, still an heirloom!It features a functional interior with large and safe compartments as well as maintaining a very chic style with its beautiful chain straps and of course its iconic logo.This piece is suitable for all ages as it’s a timeless design for all seasons and comes in different colours to cater for a selection of daytime outfits may it be jeans and a jumper or a maxi dress. These bags tend to retail new at around £2500 but we can source them via our online shop for around £1700 which is such a good investment. You can find one on the online shop  at a very affordable price. The other classic designer must have bag for the modern mother in my opinion is the faithful Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM. These bags can hold a surprising amount of ‘mummy paraphernalia’ and can be the perfect transitional bag from daytime school run to a beach tote whilst still looking super glam taken out in the evening for dinner. These retail around £880 new and we can source them for a little as £500. Again you will probably pass a LV onto your children as they are such a timeless investment.”

PS there’s still time to drop a few Mothers’ Day hints 😉

Snowy Toes nail polishes…

Make like a snow angel with our pick of twinkle toes polishes…

Chanel’s ‘Paradiso’ is a lovely ice queen chiller… It’s a little bit blue/green and makes a black, white or grey outfit really ‘pop’

Or how about OPI’s ‘My Voice is a Little Norse’, with a touch of sparkle in a stormy grey – inspired by the Northern Lights.

Essie created this look using their ‘hors oeuvres’ shade… Match it with a white/gold outfit for full on Xmas glamour.


Original Baby Shower Gifts

Worried that gathering the girlfriends for a Shower will result in a downpour of gifts that are something of a damp squib?  Bring yourself some sunshine by way of this wishlist…

IOU’s: whether it’s the promise of a night out with your bestie, a couple of hours babysitting or even ‘I owe you cleaning the oven’, get a beautiful set of cards, envelopes and a box, each write an IOU vow in your best cursive writing and tie them up with ribbon.

Book Club: Stock up a library for the new arrival by each bringing a children’s book. We love this tree bookshelf too by Shawn Soh.

Circle of Love bangle: we’ve all seen jewellery personalised with children’s names, but how about something bearing the names of your gang of Pink Ladies? Order from Babes with Babies.

Anti Boredom Kit: we all know babies don’t always arrive on time, so how about making those last few days/weeks a little more bearable with a big bag of trashy mags, box sets and bubblebath?

A super luxe changing bag: the cream of the crop has to be a Pacapod; so cleverly created for busy lifestyles – and we love the leather Firenze for sheer style and the new Idaho for its Boho chic (Editor’s tip: sneak a lovely red lippy into the inner pocket of this one, Chanel’s Rouge Allure in ‘Pirate’ seems a perfect match)

The right red lippy…

Red lipstick not only maketh an outfit but also maketh a make up bag. If you put a gun to the head of most modern women and said they could only take one beauty item on holiday/to Mars/in a really teeny tiny purse – well, let’s face it, it wouldn’t be a loofah.

But the right red… Hmmm, what a conundrum.

The Robert Jones Make Up School handilly posted this vid showing how to use a colour wheel to balance your make up choices and your skintone…

Or you could download a colourwheel App from the Apple Store

Our tips:

Warm skin (tanned, olive) – try Mac’s ‘Good to Go’ which is an orangey matte

Pale skin – try the cherry hues of Chanel Rouge Coco Hydrating Crème Lip Colour in Paris

Dark skin – try the deep and sultry Rouge Basque from Nars