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Quick Change!

In the first of our new series ‘Quick Change!’ our mum testers will be putting changing bags and changing rooms through their paces.

This week our mum tests the Ruby and Ginger nappy purse (£14 from their site) in Marks & Spencer, Islington.

Our tester says: I thought this little clutch bag was gorgeous, the pattern was so pretty and not ‘babyish’. Obviously it is small so not meant for long trips out where you might need bottles or a change of clothes, but for my eight month old it works fine as you can sneak an Ella’s pouch and spoon in there along with a nappy. The bag comes with a fold up changing mat which is towelling on one side so doesn’t slip and despite being quite small is big enough to do the job and easy peasy to bung in the wash. In fact you can wash the whole bag easily. One downside is the plastic dispenser for wipes – ok it does make carrying a few easy and compact but I for one don’t have enough hours in the day to be stocking a dispenser up with wipes – I just took that bit out and put my regular wipes straight in the bag and they didn’t take up much more room anyway.

The changing room at M&S is on the top floor but there is a nice wide lift. There was a queue and only one changing room, but it is a small(ish) store so you can’t really complain – at least nobody else in the queue complained about me! There is plenty of space and it was clean, there was a nappy bin… it was very bright in there though, very harsh lighting, if you had an already screaming child it wouldn’t help.

With the Ruby and Ginger clutch you would need to have a flat surface to do the changing on and ideally a bassinette; the mat it comes with isn’t large enough to put your child on the floor. The bag fastens with velcro which actually isn’t that easy to open one-handed (I know it seems like it would be) but the bag literally just holds the mat, one maybe two nappies, wipes and if you wanted to bring sudacrem or some nappy bags they would squeeze in too.

All in all I would say this is a great little bag to have for an older baby (6 months +) when you are just popping out, or going somewhere in the car. The designs are lovely, great for a baby shower present, and doubtless I’ll use this as a make up bag in a couple of years…