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A Guide to Starting Your Own Nursery

Are you good with kids? Do you think you’re so good with kids that you could look after them full-time? Or have you spent your whole life working in a nursery and are looking for a new challenge? Well, have you ever considered starting up your own nursery?

It may sound like a big step up, but if you’ve got a bit of business sense you can turn a dream of owning your own nursery and working with kids all day into a profitable business that sets children up for a good start in life.

These days, nursery does not just provide childcare, they are so much more than that. Your nursery should be giving children a helpful start in their development by encouraging education and social skills at a young age, but don’t push it too hard – lots of children learn through play and that’s what you should strive to push forward.

Here is some of the best advice we can give you if you’re giving some serious thought to opening your own nursery.

Find the Right Location
Just like looking for a home to buy, you know what they say the most important factor is: location, location, location. Your location needs to be easy to get to, while still cheap enough so you’re not blowing most of your money on your overhead costs. Another huge factor is the size of your building will dictate the number of children you can take in your care – a health and safety risk assessment will need to be made as well as insurance for the property.

Properly Train Yourself (and your staff)
Make sure that you and your staff have all the correct qualifications to ensure they are certified to do their jobs – NVQ’s in childcare, properly CRB checked and a knowledge of paediatric first aid in order to be prepared for every eventuality. Another point to be made here is that there is no better way to ensure a successful business than surrounding yourself with staff who are both passionate and knowledgeable about what they do. Enlist the best for the job and it will pay dividends to your nursery as parents will be more than happy to take their children there.

How To Legitimise Your Nursery
You will need to register yourself with Ofsted so you are legitimised, but don’t worry, they aren’t as strict with nursery’s as they are with schools – just make sure you do your job correctly and effectively so you won’t have any problems. Government guidelines are detailed for the early foundation stage education providers here if you need help into what you need to do.

What Goes on Your ‘Syllabus’
Okay, so you probably won’t have to deal with Ofsted breathing over your shoulder as they ruthlessly scan your syllabus for weak links – but you should still be putting ample attention into what you’re teaching them. As per the guidelines we linked to previously, you should be putting time into teaching your children: personal development (which includes language, creativity and education) and physical development. These are loosely detailed so there is a lot of wiggle room here.

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