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Louisa Grace Interiors Founder Claire McFadyen’s top tips on investing in childproof antiques

We all long for that perfect home balance of modern technology and easy to maintain products but do you find your love for antiques and vintage style can seem too hazardous to indulge in when you have sticky fingered, ball kicking, nail varnish wearing little darlings?!

The big question is – how can you invest in antiques that are childproof in order for you to make the style of family home you crave?  Well, I have been buying, selling and adding antiques and vintage pieces of furniture and accessories to my home for years and I haven’t stopped since having my two daughters, in fact, I think I have embraced it all the more.

Here are my top tips on buying antiques that will survive family life and still give your home the character and beauty you desire.

1 – Remember, antiques may be old but they are not always delicate.  There is a reason they have lasted for possibly hundreds of years and that is because they are well built, crafted from strong materials and made to last.  Make sure the item you are interested in still seems strong and sturdy and you can be sure it will survive family life

2 – Antiques make great storage solutions.  Consider investing in antique and vintage trunks as storage solutions for toys and games.  Once everything is packed away you are left with a beautiful piece of furniture to enjoy.  These are also great heirloom pieces for your children to treasure as they get older.

3 – Treat the item with the correct protection like beeswax or varnish (or both for the best solution of all!)

4 – Don’t be scared to invest in those more delicate items such as mirrors, just make sure they are safely and securely attached to a wall or shelf and out of the reach of little hands.

5 – Finally, buying antiques is also eco-friendly.  You are helping to teach your children that not everything has to be shiny and new.

Visit Louisa Grace Interiors website to find out more.

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Read to your child, even when you’re away…

This is a lovely idea – created by a husband and wife team and aimed to help parents who are often away (or grandparents who aren’t ’round the corner) to ‘be there’ at bedtime…

Readmeastory.co.uk allows one to customise a book online by reading it in your own voice. Your child can then playback the book on a tablet or laptop and read along with ‘virtual you’. All the books can also be saved to a virtual bookshelf.

And the cost? At the moment you pay what you think the service is worth (although obviously reading with your child is priceless!)


Got a baby? Get a pet…

Whilst the combination of children and animals might be a film director’s worst nightmare, with the announcement today of Royal hamster Marvin hitting the papers, it seems a timely topic for discussion.

A series of adorable photographs celebrating the special bond between young children and their pets has been exclusively commissioned by The Baby Show.  A new study revealed that nearly half (47%) of new parents today have pets at home in the first three years of their child’s life, while 83% of parents believe that having a pet is beneficial for their child’s development.

2 - Jacob

The survey also reports why parents think having a pet has a positive impact on young children with 60% saying it is good for them to interact with animals from a young age and almost a third (29%) believing it teaches them responsibility whilst 1 in 10 (9%) say it improves their social skills.

17 - AlyssaDogs were crowned king of the pets, beating cats, rabbits and fish as the nation’s favourite animal to have with young children:

  1. Dog (48%)
  2. Cat (30%)
  3. Rabbit (7%)
  4. Fish (6%)
  5. Guinea Pig (4%)
  6. Hamster, Gerbil, Mouse or Rat (3%)
  7. Bird (2%)1 - Aria

Obviously it’s a no-brainer that many prospective parents establish their ability to care for a dependent by trialing pet ownership before opting to pro-create (as Kate and Wills did with good ole Lupo the dog) but it’s good to see that the furry/scaly/feathered ‘children’ are remaining in the picture once the human offspring arrives.

One word of warning a seasoned pet owner might have for the Cambridges however is that hamsters don’t tend to have a long life expectation (3 years average) – not to mention the fact that they tend to meet with some untimely ends as a result of their size and ability to escape – so Prince George and Princess Charlotte might have some difficult concepts to deal with in the not-too-distant future.

(Aaah well, we presume there’s a biscuit tin ‘by Royal Appointment’ and a corner of the grounds of Anmer Hall at the ready…)

Pictures thanks to The Baby Show

Our 2015 SM Awards

We’ll very soon be announcing the shortlist for our 2015 Slick Mummy Awards – Ten ‘Mummy Must Haves’ that we can’t live without. Beauty life savers, Changing bags that wow, Restaurants that encourage sticky fingers, Flattering fashion picks and of course the best in toys, children’s clothes, snacks, nappy rash cream and more.

Our criteria: something that impressed us so much we just had to make a song and dance about it!

Winners will get a banner on our site for 12 months and we will also feature all their product news.

Drop us a line on SlickMummy@journalist.com for more info, to submit a product, fashion and beauty item, holiday destination or child friendly restaurant.

Immortalise your cheeky tot

It’s School Photo season and that time when the more photography savvy of us are looking at the tear sheets and the price lists and thinking ‘we could have hired a professional instead…’

Such pros can be found at Mud & Glitter – a collective of illustrators, stylists and of course photographers who can immortalise your child in all his or her rosy cheeked, knee socked, fairy winged glory to create something that looks like you’ve torn it from the Boden catalogue.

With respective CVs that have seen them work for Dior, Victoria Beckham and Stella McCartney, the Mud & Glitter collective offer a studio day with prints for just £300 – and not a grotty cardboard mount frame in sight!