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Sticky fingered chefs… Sweetpea Pantry

Baking is obviously a great way to kill a bit of time in the holidays, but if your repertoire extends as far as rice crispie cups, then help is at hand by way of innovative company Sweetpea Pantry.

You can order from their range of bake-at-home mixes for biscuits, flapjacks, pancakes and pizza dough (all available from the website or from Ocado), they arrive in delightful boxes with nice clear instructions. In fact the instructions are mostly ‘mix in a bowl, maybe add a bit of honey, pop in the oven…’ so they are engaging enough for young toddlers and nothing will go drastically wrong if a bit of the mix is spilled or eaten from the bowl.

Better still your child won’t even notice how jam-packed with good stuff these products are; raw cacao, rye, flaxseed, quinoa, coconut… all unprocessed and so beneficial you’ll be fooled into thinking you are reading the menu at a posh spa.

Our SM tester writes: I honestly didn’t think my three and a half year old would be fooled by Chocolate Giggles (as it’s normally Jaffa cakes or a tantrum’ but not only did he scoff them but also said ‘Mummy these are the best things you have ever made’. I must confess, I *did* take the credit…