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Stroller Days Out: Little Birdies at Roof East

If you’re an Eastender you might have ventured to Roof East last Summer for a skyline cinema experience. This year the venue (which is situated on top of a car park) is also offering crazy golf – which on weekend afternoons is an option for little putters too…

One of our Dad-writers investigates…

“Growing up in Scotland right next to a famous golf course, trotting ’round the green was all the rage for us kids. Obviously for my own boys (living in earshot of Bow bells) the sport isn’t even on their radar (except as an explanation for why Grandpa sometimes wears silly trousers). So I was quite chuffed at the fact that there is a crazy golf not ten minutes drive from me (right by Stratford station if you take the train/bus/tube/DLR) – a good intro into a gentleman’s sport, I thought…

I took my kids (four and two) after they had already been for a swim on a WP_20160626_12_59_46_Pro Sunday morning – totally forgot any sort of healthy snack or drink but Roof East has an amazing selection of hot dogs, fries, nachos etc – all loaded with American style cheese sauce (not an Organix bar or fruit kebab in sight, but you’ll be Dad of the year if you proffer the cheesy chips!) The kids thought driving all the way up to the top floor was awesome (in a sort of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang way) and were also pretty smitten with the cheery security chap on the door, who had more enthusiasm than I did of a Sunday…

The course itself is nine holes, a mix of ‘trick shot’ ones (like a loop the loop) and tricky angles – but all very manageable even for a two year old (with a bit of patience). My eldest son got a bit tired and grumpy (we had to have a little chat about sportsmanship…) but soon perked up again when he saw the impressive sportscars with trees and plants growing in them (no, really, there are!)

WP_20160626_13_01_57_ProTotally would recommend this – especially if you’re looking for a Dad-date playdate idea (or you want to bet a fellow parent that you can show them a car that’s been made into a shrubbery…)

If you’re heading to Roof East with kids I’d suggest: 

  • Pack sunscreen (it is very exposed, so even when cloudy there’s a lot of sun)
  • Take cash (for cheesy chips etc)
  • Don’t wear a hat that will blow off (or it will blow off the top of a multi-storey carpark)
  • Have a little chat about flora and fauna being our friends (there are lots of well nurtured bits of urban horticulture right at child level…)
  • Don’t expect a serious game of golf… “