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Lovely little things… De-stress with a Natural Relaxation Reed diffuser from Babyblooms

If you need your relaxation solution to be subtle but always on tap, this reed diffuser from Babyblooms will waft gentle scents of geranium, orange, lavender and ylang ylang in the direction of your poor befuddled brain – and who knows, it might have a calming effect on the scrapping children too!

Check out Babyblooms’ fab range of baby shower gift bouquets too… Classy, practical and gorgeous.

De-Stress with Love My Skin anti-ageing compact

For a space-age way to beat wrinkles and see visibly smoother skin in just four weeks, this hand held product emits red light which naturally stimulates the production of collagen.

Our SM tester writes: I am one of those ‘try anything’ girls and I love a good gadget. My skin is alrightish, but those night feeds and long days in front of the computer are starting to take their toll. So the thought of shining a light on my face for a minute a day to get an instant bit of time reversal sounded too good to be true. 

The compact is less like something you’d have in your handbag and more like one of my bike lights – which was the first problem as our three year old is obsessed with torches at the moment and the red light (although completely safe) isn’t recommended to be shone directly into the eyes. So I decided my light therapy time would be last thing at night and it would be stored in the top draw of the bedside table (which locks). So there I am on night one, in my PJs pointing a light at my forehead with my eyes shut. It’s a nice sensation, like being on a sunbed I guess. ‘Boo!’ says my husband – emerging from cleaning his teeth ‘,what are you doing?’ 

After I explain – and explain that I haven’t gone crackers – this being a gadget (red light therapy was developed by NASA) and him being a bloke he asks to have a go himself.  This is our ritual for a couple of nights…

Two or three days in I catch myself in the mirror and my skin is definitely starting to look plumper. My cheeks, which after a day in the sun tend to look dry despite rubbing everything from Eight Hour Cream to coconut oil into them, could even go without make up. 

But the biggest shock is for my husband, whose spider veins that he has had on his nose for the past ten years (or since he started drinking red wine) have all but cleared up! 

Ten days in my pores look clear and I notice that I need less powder to stop my face looking shiny.

Whilst red light therapy wouldn’t be the first thing you’d think off to fend off wrinkles or saggy bits, but you can’t fault the performance and (bar replacing the batteries) you’ll get a lifetime of use out of it.

Love My Skin compact and light pen are available from leading retailers including Boots.

De-Stress in the Shower

If five minutes in the shower is the only moment of sanctuary in your day then here’s our pick of calming body washes…

Weleda’s Lavender Body Wash has a dreamy creamy texture and smells of lavender fields. Take a deep breath and think of Provence.

Radox Feel Calm is all white blossoms and heavenly chamomile, very warm and Summery plus it’s super moisturising too.

L’Occitane’s Mer & Mistral smells of the ocean and the scent really lingers for day long clarity…

Aveda’s Stress Fix creme cleansing oil contains mind boosting clary sage and is part of a collection including body lotion and bath salts.

De-Stress Week: Daniele Ryman Candles

Danièle Ryman developed the formulation for her range of multi-purpose massage oil candles that melt into purest quality essential oils. All have natural antiseptic, antibiotic and anti-inflammatory properties – they smell divine and once you have one burning you can use the oil for a massage, in the bath, on your temples… anything really.

The Alive candle is packed with Rosemary and Vetivert – promising to soothe anything from exam stress to jetlag.

Our SM tester writes: ‘I love to use candles to create a bit of me-time in the evening. My husband laughs because it’s always him blowing them out because I’ll fall asleep. The Alive one smells lovely, it’s strong but not overpowering, and if you pour some of the oil into your hands, run them together, breathe deeply and inhale it’s a really stimulating but mentally clearing moment…’

Order from the website

It’s De-Stress Week at Slick Mummy

This week we are celebrating all things chillax. Products, experiences, tips and tricks that are the equivalent of a fortnight’s lie-down with cucumbers over the eyes and a decent set of headphones – but achievable in the realms of looking after the kids in the Summer holidays. Yep. Really.

We all know what it’s like to have a meltdown in Waitrose. To swear at a cyclist and then hear the kids repeat what you said from the back seat of the car. To buy an expensive night cream and be so tired you forget to put it on. To be so stressed about being late that you dress the family en route and when your boss called when you said you were working from home you were actually holding one child down and spooning jelly into the other one to keep it quiet.

Yoga? Yep, your eldest son took the mat to Glastonbury to sleep on (‘But Mummy, it was just in the garage…’) Massage? The last time anyone rubbed anything it was the gynecologist checking your perineum stitches. Talking about the problem – well – now do you get a wall chart sticker for that?

But fear not. We’ve tracked down a few simple yet genius stressbusters and will be telling you about them all week.

Got a good tip? Be it a wrinkle beater, a ‘stop worrying and get some sleeper’ a soul saver or a ‘deep breath and you’ll make it on time’ one – please do tweet, instagram or message us…

Calm and hydrate with Adam + Eve perfecting serum

Next week is ‘De-Stress Week’ on our site and we’ll be rounding up the best ways to relax, chill out and generally rise above the Summer holiday tantrums, traffic jams and supermarket queues that contribute to headaches, grey hairs and wrinkles.

So – as a little preview – check out Adam + Eve’s ‘Perfecting Serum for Her’ as a luxe natural way to calm sensitive, stressed out skin and keep blemishes at bay. Adam + Eve were one of this year’s #MMHA winners and the range is ideal for teenage skin (or acne sufferers of any age).


The Perfecting Serum combines the soothing, calming effects of anti-inflammatories calendula and chamomile with powerful antioxidants green tea and goji berry. Vitamins B, C and E help to condition, protect and repair skin and ginseng and lady thistle to detoxify and balance.