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Suffer from a skin condition? You’re in the majority, say Dermalex

A new survey, conducted by YouGov for skin care experts Dermalex has highlighted the fact that as many as 50% of the GB adult population has suffered from eczema, rosacea or acne their whole life and 64% have lived with these conditions for over a decade.

These health issues can have a devastating effect on some people’s lives, emotions and well-being, with over half (56%) saying they felt self-conscious as a result of it and almost half (47%) felt unattractive. Only 45% of survey respondents said they had never experienced a negative situation, further showing that for millions of adults, the state of their skin is directly linked to happiness.

To launch their #StrongerWithin campaign, Dermalex will be offering up to 20% discount on their treatments when purchased from Amazon (and the products are on Prime too, so no need to suffer more than 24 hours longer!)

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