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Hairtrade.com give us tips on creating fairytale party hair…

Xmas disco coming up and daughter desperate to look like Elsa? (Or you fancy scaring the PTA by rocking up as the Goblin Kind?) Hairtrade.com share some know-how…

Elsa from Frozen

Elsa’s thick fishtail plait is just so pretty. And let’s face it, not many other hairstyles can weather a blizzard summoned by magic. It does take some practice; it’s easier if you add a little texture paste into your hair before you get plaiting, and don’t forget to pull and loosen for a thick messy fishtail.

Princess Leia from Star Wars

When we think movie-hair we definitely think of Princess Leia. Use pins to spread two buns nice and wide rather than wrapping them too tight. For a modern take on intergalactic hair, position them a little higher and towards the back of your head – you’ll get lovely waves when you take them out too.

Belle from Beauty and the Beast

Belle from Disney’s classic Beauty and the Beast is the ultimate in Disney Princess hair goals. Styling cream and a thick curling wand is enough to achieve Belle’s simple but stunning bangs and waves. Scoop the top half into a high voluminous bun and you’re officially Belle. We can’t wait to see how Emma Watson does it in 2017.

Tinker Bell from Peter Pan

Tinker Bell’s voluminous high bun and side fringe is perfect for keeping hair out of the face. First tie into a high ponytail and braid around the outside for a pretty twist on Tink’s bun.

Sugar Kane KowalczykMarilyn Monroe from Some Like it Hot

A movie legend, Marilyn’s sassy pearls of wisdom live on today, and so should her gorgeous wavy do. Use medium rollers overnight, spritz with hairspray in the morning and sweep it all to one side to go Hollywood Monroe.

Lisa Loris – Wednesday Adams from The Adam’s Family

Wednesday’s middle-parted plaits are ideal for a Monday when you’re just not feeling it. Get that parting nice and centered and clear, and get plaiting. Spritz with hair spray for hold.

Holly Golighty – Audrey Hepburn from Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Another iconic movie queen to inspire us with her on screen looks is Audrey. That immovable bouffant beehive is achieved with plenty of volume power in the roots, textured hair that hasn’t been freshly washed and plenty of hair spray.

Jareth – David Bowie from Labyrinth

Looking to grab attention at Christmas parties? Look no further than David Bowie as The Labyrinth’s Goblin King. He practically invented the whole glitter roots trend we’re seeing more and more of. Straighten your hair and use fingers to add plenty of glitter to your roots.

Mia Wallace – Uma Thurman from Pulp Fiction

You’re probably thinking you can’t achieve the straight, fringed lob Uma Thurman rocks in Pulp Fiction, but we have news for you. Even if you don’t have a fringe, you can still mock one up with bobby pins.

Juliet – Claire Danes from Romeo and Juliet

Juliet’s hair is so simple that it just works. Halve straight hair into a top and bottom section, secure with pins and tuck behind the ears, this looks especially nice with long bangs.

Need a #FridayFeeling? Check out the Disney Dream Big film…

New research out today reveals that STEM careers are amongst the most popular dream jobs for children with four out of the top ten dream jobs being science, technology, engineering or mathematics related.

The research also found that the top three dream jobs for girls are teachers, dancers and doctors, whilst for boys, are videogame developers, astronauts and secret agents. Girls focused heavily on creative careers with actor, artist, dancer, fashion designer and writer all featuring in the top ten careers.

The poll of 2,000 parents and 3-12 year old girls and boys was commissioned by Disney Princess to launch a new short film called Dream Big,  which explores the ambitions of children and their parents. The research asked children to choose their dream jobs from a list of over 50 options ranging from model to miner and ranked the results accordingly.

Perhaps surprisingly 89 per cent of parents have not given up on realising their dream job with writer (11 per cent), doctor (10 per cent) and scientist (8 per cent) being cited as their ideal careers. One in ten (11 per cent) of adults have given up on their dream job – with 50 being the age people are most likely to stop dreaming – whilst 6 per cent said they had already achieved it. More women (16 per cent) than men (12 per cent) have given up on their dream job.

Anna Hill, VP Disney Franchise, UK & Ireland, comments: “Disney is a company founded by the biggest dreamer of all, and we believe it is important to inspire young people to have the courage to make their dreams come true. The modern character attributes of Disney Princesses – whether fearless and loyal like Mulan or creative and inquisitive like Rapunzel – show that you can accomplish anything if you dare to dream big.”

The Dream Big film explores the dreams and aspirations of different families and how they differ across generations. Filming the honest reactions of four families, it sees real children and their parents and grandparents talk about their dreams and shows how important it is to ensure you never stop dreaming big, however old you are.

Parents and children can also visit www.disney.co.uk/dreambig where they can get inspiration to work together to create a Princess Dream Box, to store their dreams and special memories.

aden+anais launches beautiful Disney collaboration range

We were thrilled to see the aden+anais Disney collection in full yesterday at Bumpkin Chelsea, before if went into the dedicated pop-up in Harrods.

Really tastefully done, with muted colours and very clever designs mean that the range of muslins, dream blankets, burp cloths etc don’t look bright or brash (as Disney can do sometimes) but instead pick out lovely details that evoke memories of our own childhood.

The collaboration includes: Winnie the Pooh, Bambi and Jungle Book and is available to buy online now.