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Lovely Little Things: XO Balm

Born out of necessity when her bf decided to grow a beard, XO Balm’s dry-skin-suffering inventor needed a wonder product that would help with the resulting stubble rash. Magically, the balm also works as a hand cream, lip balm, makeup primer – even on split ends.

If you suffer from eczema you’ll find this balm a godsend; the blend of beeswax and oils clings to the skin for longer than most topical products so that the nutrients and moisture are absorbed by the skin for longer.

Personally, I love the dinky little tin it comes in – complete with a mirror and a handy scoop – which looks super chic in your changing bag.

Shop online here.

SM tests… Skinfix

There’s a lot of whoop about Canadian brand Skinfix at the moment as a wonder product for eczema and dry skin conditions. We tried the Body Repair Balm and the Hand Cream.

Our SM tester writes: “I don’t have full on eczema but what I do have is really dry, flaky skin that gets so tight it hurts (especially after swimming or the gym) and I spend a lot of time rubbing my legs, feet, hands and elbows with everything from neat almond oil to Vaseline to Creme de la Mer. The Skinfix range is made from healing botanicals, rich natural butters and emollient oils – so if you do have full on eczema or dermatitis it’s nice to know this one is steroid free – and the hand cream is really soothing, plus it stays on after you wash your hands (well, keeps your skin plump anyway). Also – if you hate the sort of hand cream that takes ages to dry then give this one a go as it sinks in instantly. I’d say a bit more about the hand cream but actually my husband nicked it after three days, so… well let’s just say it has unisex appeal! 

The body repair balm is great – I’ve been using it just before bed and then lounging around stroking my kitten soft skin. The main ingredient is oatmeal, but there is also aloe barbadensis leaf juice, beeswax and shea butter in there.”

Skinfix is available from Boots and prices start at £14.99

SM tests… Bioskin Junior from Salcura

Any mum of a little one with eczema or dry skin conditions knows one thing – their child will not stand still whilst thick (cold) emollient is rubbed in. No amount of ‘it will make it better’ makes it seem better – and many of the over the counter treatments are so harsh that you worry about the liberal amounts anyhow.

Salcura have created the Bioskin Junior range – a toolkit designed for dry and sensitive little skins which includes bath milk, shampoo, daily nourishing spray, outbreak rescue cream and body wash.

We tested the spray and the bath milk – both available to order online.

Our SM tester writes: “I loved the idea of the nourishing spray as it’s full of natural ingredients (lavender, sea buckthorn, rosemary) and I always feel guilty when I have to use a prescription cream on my son. The great thing about having a spray is that a) you can easily apply it anywhere – even after swimming in a tiny cubicle – and b) you can make the application into a game by pretending it is a water pistol or space tazer or you are a world class graffiti artist (my son thinks this would be an ideal job to have!) It’s not like spraying sunblock – it’s more of a liquid with no need to rub in – and it boosts skin regeneration. 

The bath milk was a family favourite – not only with the kids but with my husband too – it smells lovely, it turns the bath to ‘milk’ (very Cleopatra) and doesn’t make the bath slippy. What’s more, even if they just splosh about it it for a few minutes you can literally see how much ‘happier’ their skin looks (OK, I didn’t go in for a close up on my husband) and they really are happy to have it poured  in the bath.”

#Win a £50 Boots voucher by voting in Oilatum® Daily Top Tip Competition

If you’ve got kids with dry skin conditions, chances are you have Oilatum in your bathroom cabinet. And you’ll know what a godsend it is when flare ups cause tears, sleepless nights – and heaven forbid but it happens – teasing in the playground.

Oilatum has teamed up with real parents and The British Skin Foundation to put together ten top tips for little ones with dry and sensitive skin – we thought they were pretty good so have featured below. Please do drop us a line or share a Tweet if you can think of other helpful ideas that might have been have missed out, or just tell us what works for you and your little one – we love a bit of shared wisdom!

In addition, the kind chaps at Oilatum have also offered us a competition prize of a £50 Boots voucher for the best additional tip, so don’t be shy. (Editor’s decision is final, no cash alternative, gratuitous pics of super cute bubbas in the bath will definitely score you bonus points in our office…)

Editor’s tip: oh gosh this will sound awful but in there is an episode of Peppa Pig where George Pig gets wet, doesn’t take off his wet clothes and subsequently gets a cold. So my boys can often be heard saying ‘get those wet things off so you don’t catch a cold like George Pig’ – but obviously the logic here is that wet clothes aggravate the skin… 

Lovely Little Things: Oilatum Daily Junior Cleansers range

Ask any mum of a kid with dry skin and they will tell you the same thing: they’re just kids. With dry skin.

Ask them to stand still whilst you slather on aqueous cream? Nope, they’ll be trying to ride their trike ’round the living room. Expect them to use ‘medicinal’ bath treatments when their siblings use something pink, glittery and smelling of Peppa Pig? No way.

For mums of kids with dry skin Oilatum has always been a great brand. ‘As a body lotion or bath treatment it really delivers,’ one of our SM testers says ‘,on the days you forget to use it, run out or they stay over at a friend’s house you notice the difference straight away…’

So we were really glad to hear that Oilatum have launched a new range of cleansing products, including Junior Bath Foam, Junior Head to Toe Wash, Junior Shampoo – all mild enough to be used daily and created with dermatologists.

SM Tester says: ‘the first thing to say is that the cleansing products can be used by all the family, so no need to buy separates – even tiny babies can use. They have the same scent as the lotion, which I really like (maybe we are used to it), to me it smells powdery and clean. The bubble bath is lovely, lots of foam – enough to make ‘castles’ as my daughter likes to – and the Head to Toe wash is mild and gentle, no complaints of stinging eyes. After the bath my daughter’s skin was touchably soft and this lastest all day…’

Editor’s tip: try the super moisturising Head to Toe wash for shaving your legs!