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The Royal Butler’s Guide to Easter Etiquette

Captain of Manners Grant Harrold shared his tips for an impeccably behaved Easter, so we thought we’d post them…

1. Easter gifts: When visiting friends and family, always take a gift over the Easter weekend, but it doesn’t need to be a chocolate egg; why not take a small posy of tulips or some daffodils, or even a scented candle or perhaps think outside the box and give something you have made! Don’t give gifts that might be not appropriate, a chocolate egg is one thing – a live bunny rabbit is another!

2. Easter dining: When planning your Easter meals, always consider your guest dietary requirements, as you don’t want to serve a shell fish soup to someone allergic to shell fish or lamb to a vegetarian. If you are organising an Easter drinks party, make sure you have plenty of canapés and nibbles but lets remember guests, we don’t double dip in anything!

3. Easter Goodwill: Show goodwill to others. Organise an Easter egg hunt for the children, invite the family to yours for Easter, even if it is like the gathering of NATO, stay strong! Allow the children to help organise the events or perhaps get them to lay and decorate the table, no matter how dangerous this idea may sound. Let’s remember, do not play with your host’s eggs, or risk your life by helping yourself to the children’s chocolate.

4. Easter Alcohol: As always make sure you drink responsibly. Don’t risk drinking too much as this can be an unpleasant experience for you and others around you. Do remember to behave with grace and decorum, no licking fingers after eating a canapé, as we always use a napkin! Keep your glass in your left hand so that you can freely shake hands with new introductions.

5. Easter dresscodes: When invited for a meal or just for Easter drinks, please check the dresscode as we don’t want to turn up at cousin Alfred’s black tie dinner in something that resembles a caveman outfit. With respect ladies, no matter how tempting it is to wear a bunny outfit, you don’t want to give other guests the idea that they have entered the home of Hugh Hefner.

6. Easter manners: Never forget our please and thank you’s and show politeness to others. This is not just an Easter rule but something we should consider all year. Always remember, a warm smile and a sweet thank you goes a long way. Also when visiting others be helpful and do what you can to assist but do not be offended if they don’t want help.

7. Easter Services: Please remember when spending time with others this Easter, they may not be religious or have the same beliefs, therefore respect this and don’t be offended if they don’t wish to attend the Sunday church service with you. You could always make a plan for them to go on an Easter walk with the other guests but always plan ahead.

8. Gifts/thank you’s: Don’t leave thank you letters for longer than two weeks. Write the letter with care and put feeling into it. You’re not writing your weekly shopping list or your will, therefore make sure it has feeling and take time to write them. Don’t forget we start the letter with a thank you, then cover the highlights of your experience with the recipient and then you finish with the thank you!

9. Easter decorating the house: A lot of people these days enjoy decorating their homes for Easter, however lets not carried away, keep this simple and straight forward, perhaps a few tulips or if possible daffodils, around the home with the odd chicken but not a live one please.

10. Post Easter: When Easter is over, we thankfully have the summer to look forward to, therefore it will be time to get the BBQ out, buy the sun lotion and get the sunglasses back out. Its a great time to start planning your summer activities as well as the holidays so perhaps consider a few garden parties or summer drink receptions?

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