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School Run Superheroes

In the next of our series to applaud the hardworking beauty products that can really get your mornings licked, our mum tester tried Eye of Horus Natural Goddess mascara in black, £19, available from Beauty Bay

The lowdown: this award winning Australian brand is inspired by ancient Egyptian formulas to give you modern day Cleopatra-glamour. The mascara uses natural waxes and moringa oil, so is suitable for sensitive eyes and nourishes your lashes as it  enhances.

Our tester says: The wand on this one seems to have quite small, delicate bristles so on first application I really didn’t think it would do very much, but actually it really did give me visible lashes with just one stroke and the colour was so black it gave the effect of having put eyeliner on as well. So a thumbs up from me for the multi tasking. The natural wax ingredients mean that this product is very easy to take off and doesn’t dry your lashes out like some mascaras do and it doesn’t clump if you put another coat on straight away. I would say if you normally use Maybelline Great Lash this would be a really good upgrade to try! (I will also add that the mascara is meant to be water resistant so the Ed told me to try it out at the gym. I didn’t,  but I did have a little cry when Ava presented me with a drawing she’d done and it didn’t run at all…)

Superhero score: 4/5