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Our pick of Xmas jumpers…

Gosh – is it really that time already..? Be festive and beat the Autumn chill, we say – these ones are too fab to just be worn on 25th December.

GAP Celebrates Motherhood with the Launch of ‘Mama Said’ Film Starring and Co-Directed by Liv Tyler

We are loving the super cool (and super cute) ‘Mama Said’ campaign video, co-directed by Liv Tyler for GAP  – and in support of Every Mother Counts.

Liv also stars in the film, along with her children Sailor and Lula and fellow parent pals Coco Rocha, Candice Swanepoel, Ali and Cass Bird and Jurnee Smollett Bell.

Their respective children obviously wear GAP Kids – but how adorable is 9 month old Lula’s red and white romper outfit?

All too often we don’t stop to take a moment to embrace motherhood and celebrate it (how many of us have already complained to a friend today about a sleepless night or moaned about the cookie crumbs on the sofa? #Guilty) – Liv’s message about the joy and optimism of being a mother is really sweet and simple.

“I often think of the things my grandmother and my mother have been telling me my whole life. Remembering what your ‘mama said’ as a child and growing up is very important. I often try to think of things that I can say to my children in a way that they can hear me the same way I heard my mom,” (Liv Tyler)

Every Mother Counts campaigns to improve access to comprehensive maternity care in the effort to make childbirth safer in Haiti, Uganda, Tanzania, India, Bangladesh, Guatemala, Nepal, Syria and the United States.To make a donation go here.

In Praise of… Grown Up Neon

If you yearn for those days when the height of fashion meant mis-matched luminous socks, then brighten up a grey Winter’s day with some grown-up neon touches.

Twelve Xmas Wishes

Lords a Leaping, take note. Here’s the Christmas Lust List:

  • Bouquets from The Wild Flower Company: part of the British Flower Collective, these posies of seasonal blooms and grasses add panache to a rustic kitchen or a channel your inner Eliza Doolittle to add romantic w whim to an urban apartment. Order them for fortnightly, monthly or one off delivery (check out their Pregnancy packages also!)   
  • Helicopter Flying Lessons from Regal Helicopters: begin your pilot training of just take a pleasure flight over England’s green plesantness…Take the controls and indulge some serious childhood fantasies!
  • The Pacapod Toy Pod: for little ones who like to be self sufficient, this cute rucksack is comfortable for them to carry and just the right size for the essentials (or as one of our Mums said ‘it’s like portion control: Dolly can come, trainset needs to stay at home!’) We’d suggest stuffing them seasonally with Lindt Bears or a set of personalised Thank You notecards from Tinyprints.  
  • The Victoria Beckham nail polish duo from Nails Inc: In Victoria’s world her perfect talons are luxe bone ‘Bamboo White’ or vibrant ‘Judo Red’. Made with stretch to fit technology (‘non gloopiness’ to you and me) and available in a limited edition venetian glass bottle.                                                           
  • A Man-Lair from Tetra Shed: whoever said sheds weren’t sexy haven’t seen this customisable pod which can be turned into anything from a home office to amazing playhouse to a spare room – or even stacked together to create an entire home! Coverable extras include zinc or copper finishes, underfloor heating and built in speakers – design your dream with their 3D visualiser.   
  • Holiday PJs from The Gap: keep starry eyed kids cosy on Xmas morn with these lovely festive flannels…  
  • Disney Frozen Princess Ice and Inline skates: got the dress? Now you need the super nifty ice skates, which easily transform into inlines when the terrain melts or, you know, all the other kids are doing it…
  • The Carved Angel Xmas Pudding: made to the traditional Victorial recipe and wrapped in a snowy white cloth, this pudding is sumptuously rich but vegetarian friendly. Try it with Crabbie’s Green Ginger wine for a winter warmer.   
  • Magic Sakura Tree: there’s still something thrilling about this classic toy-cum-science experiment: adding the water and watching in realtime as the cute pink blossom starts to grow. Then Instagram the hell out of it…  
  • Tea Party Biscuits from Little Ella James: a timeless classic for little ladies who lunch. And then snack.  Great for teaching counting and stacking, tea party ettiquette and sharing.  
  • A Night in the 210th Suite at MyHotels: 210th is an elegant adult range and they have partnered with boutique MyHotels to create a sophisticated and sexy suite – complete with 25 erotic ‘assignments’ in little envelopes for you and your partner to complete, bath bubbles and massage oils from their collection and your own personal ‘box of tricks’.
  • R2D2 Woodburning Stove: cleverly constructed from an old gas bottle, this sees takes upcycling into a new dimension. Powerful enough to heat a room or summerhouse, R2 is made to order and makes an unusual – and very cool – focal point. Call 07955479449 for enquiries and orders.