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#GinFriday: The One Gin G&T

After reading this week that the Queen has a gin cocktail with her lunch, in our office, we are feeling like it is now socially acceptable to have one with our Pret sarnie.,.

Our gin choice this week; One Gin (from the makers of One Water) which describes itself as ‘a British Gin inspired by the World’. Created in Sussex with nine botanicals, One Gin is perfect in a G&T with a slice of crisp apple and a sage leaf to garnish.

Buy a bottle of One Gin and help to raise £20million for water projects by 2020.

The best gins to enjoy on World Gin Day 10th June

As our readers know, we love a Friday gin cocktail, but World Gin Day tomorrow gives us reason to raise a glass well into the weekend too. Hurrah.

Our pick of the gin tipples includes…

Willem Barentsz Premium Gin is clean, elegant and infused with jasmine flowers. So sophisticated, you’ll want to drink it in a simple G&T with lots of ice.



For those who prefer their gin with a side order of girlie fun, Pinkster’s Agreeably British Raspberry gin will have you donning a satin bomber and belting out ‘Beauty School Drop Out’…



Ophir’s Spiced Oriental gin makes a kick ass Negroni and also looks lovely on your dressing table (not that we condone this one!). Combine 30ml Opihr Oriental Spiced Gin with 30ml Sweet Vermouth and 30ml Campari, mix, strain, garnish and serve.


Isfjord Premium Arctic Gin is distilled with botanicals including juniper, cardamom and lemon grass. It’s a gentle gin (if that were such a thing) made with iceberg water from Greenland.


Happy Gin Friday and Happy World Gin Day!

#GinFriday: Blackberry Smash with Oliver Cromwell Dry Gin


Our latest Gin Friday cocktail – The Blackberry Smash – comes courtesy of Aldi’s Oliver Cromwell Dry Gin.

Not only does it contain lovely antioxidant rich blackberries, but it’s the perfect accompaniment to smashing up your actual BlackBerry, if like mine it stopped running all the useful functions on Dec 31st…

Aldi’s gin beat lots of leading brands in a taste test a few years ago and they still haven’t put the price up by much…


50 ml Oliver Cromwell London Dry Gin

½ a cup of white sugar

½ a cup hot water

10-12 blackberries

25ml fresh lemon juice

6 mint leaves

Sparkling water to top

  • Fill a tall glass and a cocktail shaker with cubed ice
  • To make blackberry syrup dissolve the white sugar in the hot water. Once dissolved add in 10/12 blackberries and allow to cool down to room temperature before straining and chilling in the fridge
  • Add 25ml of blackberry syrup and all ingredients (except the sparkling water) to the cocktail shaker
  • Shake hard for ten seconds and then strain through a tea strainer into the ice-filled tall glass
  • Slowly top with sparkling water

Garnish with a lemon wedge, blackberry and large mint sprig. Finely dust with castor sugar to give a frosted look.

#GinFriday: The Gordon’s Frozen Gimlet

Got one of those super-healthy bullet blenders for Xmas? Given up making protein smoothies (bleee!) and stuffed it back in the kitchen cupboard..?
Well here’s a much better use for it… And this lovely cocktail is not only heatwave busting, it even has some of your 5-a-day in it!
Gimlet-2Gordon’s Frozen Gimlet
Serves 1 (contains two units of alcohol)
Double measure (50ml) of Gordon’s
Handful of blueberries
Juice from 1 lime
6 mint leaves
Dash of coconut water
1 teaspoon of sugar
Handful of ice
1. Drop a handful of ice cubes into the bullet blender
2. Add all other ingredients ensuring the mixture does not go past the MAX line on your machine
3. Twist on the bullet blender blade and blend tall cup
4. Pour into a cocktail glass


In honour of Thanksgiving, today’s gin cocktail is the Alabama Slammer. Thanks to Thebar,com for the recipe.


  • 25ml. Gordon’s® Sloe Gin
  • 25ml. Southern Comfort
  • 25ml. Amaretto Liqueur
  • 25ml. Orange Juice
  • 1piece  Orange Slice

How to make

  1. Fill a shaker with ice…
  2. Add Gordon’s Sloe Gin, Southern Comfort, Amaretto and orange juice.
  3. Shake until cold.
  4. Strain into a glass filled with ice.
  5. Garnish with an orange slice.



This week’s cocktail is a little more involved than normal, as you’ll actually need to infuse your own gin. But well worth the effort, we say!


Ritz – Pea & Dill GnT (courtesy of Ritz Crisp and Thin)

To make the cocktail…

50ml Gin infused with sugar snap peas and dill, 75ml Tonic water

Fill your desired glass with cube ice. Add infused gin to the glass and top with tonic water. Garnish with a mint sprig.

To make the Pea & Dill Gin…


  • 225g Sugar snap peas
  • 10gr Mint leaves
  • 20gr Dill
  • 700ml (1 Bottle) Gin *Bombay Sapphire works well as it is a lighter style of gin.

You will need…

1x non-reactive container, with lid suitable for mixing (such as an old ice cream container), 1x funnel, large sieve or colander, 1x two-fold muslin (a coffee filter or tea cloth works just as well)


  • Into a non-reactive sealable container, pour the Bombay Sapphire
  • Add the sugar snap peas once you have broken the shells, as well as the mint and dill
  • Secure the lid and place in the fridge for a min of 24hrs (rolling or gently aggravating the mix every so often)
  • Remove from the fridge and strain through your home-made filter
  • Bottle and reserve. Mix will keep for 2 weeks if kept refrigerated.

To celebrate the launch of new Ritz Crisp & Thin, a delicious new savoury baked snack, Alice Levine & Richard Woods have teamed up with Ritz to show how easy it is to ‘ritz up’ any occasion. Visit www.RitzBakery.co.uk to see all their tips and recipes.