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Calm and hydrate with Adam + Eve perfecting serum

Next week is ‘De-Stress Week’ on our site and we’ll be rounding up the best ways to relax, chill out and generally rise above the Summer holiday tantrums, traffic jams and supermarket queues that contribute to headaches, grey hairs and wrinkles.

So – as a little preview – check out Adam + Eve’s ‘Perfecting Serum for Her’ as a luxe natural way to calm sensitive, stressed out skin and keep blemishes at bay. Adam + Eve were one of this year’s #MMHA winners and the range is ideal for teenage skin (or acne sufferers of any age).


The Perfecting Serum combines the soothing, calming effects of anti-inflammatories calendula and chamomile with powerful antioxidants green tea and goji berry. Vitamins B, C and E help to condition, protect and repair skin and ginseng and lady thistle to detoxify and balance.