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20 More Sleeps…

It might well be the most wonderful time of the year, but it starts to get a bit draining when your kids wake up at 4am every night clamouring ‘Has Santa been yet?’

Our secret to Silent Nights? Well – we have a few tricks…

As the nights get colder, a lovely warm sleeping bag works wonders with babies. As long as it is one they can’t wriggle out of, don’t wake up in a sweat in – and – should it need to go in the wash, it won’t take a fortnight to dry. MORI’s organic cotton and bamboo one has underarm poppers that won’t budge, is soft and breathable and will be perfectly fine in the tumble dryer on low.

Beau and Rooster PJ’s were designed by three dads. And you can really tell. From the hip and very unisex designs (my own sons went straight for the pink leopard print) to the extendable cuffs (to cater for growth spurts) to the tag-free, snag-free comfort fit that’s like a second skin.

Ollie the Owl is a sleep trainer (a la Ewan the Sheep) who doubles as a comforting pal and nightlight. Make by the Gro Company, Ollie has a cry-sensor which (thank goodness) you can adjust the volume on with a choice of four soothing lullabies and sounds.

Norkid’s onsie sleeping bags for big kids are THE ONLY solution for cover kickers. Essentially, an adapted, wearable duvet they come in a whole menagerie of animal designs including lions, hippos and panthers. Choose from a lighter or thicker filling, depending on room temperature. PS these are also brilliant for camping trips and sleepovers…

Sleep in heavenly peace.

SM Chats to…The Gro Company

The award-winning Gro Company are the inventors of The Lullaby Trust approved Grobag Baby Sleep Bag, as well as numerous innovative children’s products such as the Gro-Egg, Gro-Blind and the Gro-Hush.

We were delighted to get to chat to Claire Bradley, Brand & Product Development Manager at Gro HQ to find out all about the company and what *ahem* gets them out of bed…

SM: We’re super impressed by all the product innovations you have. Which are you most proud of?

Claire Bradley: All of them! We only have products that genuinely add value to parents’ lives and we constantly receive reviews and messages from grateful parents who have had positive experiences.

Right now we’re very excited about an innovative new product we’re launching in July this year. The Gro-snug is the only bedding parents will need for their newborn baby. It’s a 2-in-1 swaddle and newborn grobag and is set to be another parenting ‘must have’.

SM: Being endorsed by the Lullaby Trust must bring great responsibility as well as great honour. How did working with them come about and has the endorsement meant extra safety measures for you?

Claire Bradley: The Lullaby Trust is the leading global research charity for safe sleep, and we have been working closely with them to promote safe sleep for babies for over 15 years. In fact, the Gro Company was instrumental in putting in place the British Standard for Baby Sleep bags. Our grobag is not just the only baby sleeping bag that is recommended by the Lullaby Trust – it is also the safest baby sleep bag available.

SM: If our readers were to buy just one of your Grobags, which would you suggest?

Claire Bradley: A lot depends on the situation of the individual buyer. You need to start with the temperature of the bedroom where your baby will be sleeping. From this, you can work out which tog (warmth rating) you need to buy. So, for a room that is 16-20 degrees C, the 2.5 tog is optimal. If the room is warmer (21-25 degrees C) then the 1.0 tog would be better. There is also a 0.5 tog for heat waves (25 degrees plus) and a 3.5 tog for very cold rooms that drop below 16 degrees C.

Once you have settled on the right tog then it’s a simple case of choosing the right size (0-6 months, 6-18 months, or 18-36 months), and a design that you love – that’s the fun part!

SM:  And (we had to ask!) is there such a thing as a ‘duvet day’ when you work for Gro?

Claire Bradley: Ha! As you can imagine, our office is a really nice place to work, so there’s no big incentive to stay in bed. We did once make an adult sized grobag for a humorous photograph, but I don’t think anyone has worn it to bed….yet!

Editor’s pick of the site: we love love love the beachy-chic Sandcastle Bay design…Or junior hipsters should check out their collaboration with Anorak.