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Our tips for dealing with kids in the heat…

If navigating your path through motherhood has been increasingly befuddled as a result of the recent heatwave, our team have a few tips to share to prevent further meltdown:

“Let them eat lollies..” OK, it’s not an ideal choice for breakfast, but an extra way to top up fluids. Make your own super organic ones if you can be bothered – or order some from Lickalix (they make ones with booze for grown-ups too!)

aden+anais muslin squares in fluro pink

“Wet the muslin” There has been huge controversy in the news about the good ole muzzy-over-the-buggy raising the temperature inside. Take a tip from mums in warmer climes and shade your bubba with a damp muslin.

“Keep them indoors” Make being a killjoy more fun with a fab creative playbook such as My Beautiful Room: Interior Design Workbook by Jasmine Orchard and Olivia Whitworth which has press-out furniture to create beautiful interior designs.

“Get a tent” We are loving Infantino’s Grow with Me Teepee – it’s so delightfully colourful and cheery and it makes for a good sun shade. Or for bigger ones, Babyhub’s SleepSpace travel cot turns into a super tent-den. Kids love to hide, so make dodging the rays into a fun game.

Aldi paddling pool

“Get an awesome paddling pool” We LOVE Aldi’s, Crane Quick Up Pool – 10ft diameter and just £29.99.

“Just chill” Chuck everything in the freezer to cool it down a little; teethers, t-shirts, sippy cups, teddy…. Prosecco.

SM tests… Footner Coolactive Foot Massager

SM tester writes: “I’ve been shuffling about in this heat in horrible flip flops which I really should have consigned to the dustbin three holidays ago. My poor old feet have been saying *adopting a comedy foot talking voice here* ‘Seriously, we liked you better when you made us hit the dance floor in those super high heels at that wedding…’

Today I was working from home. I dunked my feet in the kids’ paddling pool every 45 mins. Yesterday I was at an afternoon event in the relentless heat and such decadence was not an option. But Footner’s cooling foam gave my feet an icy blast and the roller ball is good for giving them a mini massage on the go. So basically, like having a paddling pool in a can that you can keep in your changing bag…”

Click here to buy.


It’s a heatwave, so we thought we’d rustle up a frozen G&T – recipe courtesy of Snow & Co.

Frozen Gin & Tonic

Serves 4

1 cup Hendrick’s Gin
1/4 cup fresh squeezed lime juice
3 cups tonic water (preferably an artisan tonic like Q Tonic or Fever Tree- or homemade if you’ve got it)
2 cups of ice
Lime wedge or wheels for garnish.

Combine the gin, lime juice, tonic and ice in a blender. Blend until evenly combined and the consistency of a milkshake. Scoop into glasses and garnish with lime.