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Our picks for Walk to School Month (October)

Next month is Walk to School Month and with the days getting shorter, darker and colder, this campaign might be met with some resistance from your little troupe.

We have a few picks to help give them their marching orders…

Hippychick’s Scootilights clip on a scooter handle and lights them up to 300m – making them visible to traffic but also making the scooting experience more fun. Plus, they look like Gaston from Ben & Holly…

Hailing from Canada, the designers at shoe brand Kamik know a thing or two about keeping feet warm, dry and getting a good grip on icy roads. We love their SnoBuster boots which are 100% waterproof (no matter how many muddy puddles they hit) and super lightweight, with a warm insole and a drawstring at the top to keep school socks dry…

Your kids will be kings of the ugly bug ball with Rockin Baby’s bug print rain mac, which is fleece lined and has roomy pockets. Read all about Rockin Baby’s Child to Child giving policy here too – every purchase counts and does good!

#MothersDayWeek – Julia Minchin of Hippychick

Image: Telegraph

Julia’s plans for mothering Sunday are anything but slick, mummy-ish and indulgent.  In fact, as with any Sunday (or weekend for that matter) at this time of year, Julia will be zipping up her boots, rolling up her sleeves and literally getting stuck in to helping her flock of ewes with the delivery of their lambs.  ‘When it runs smoothly it’s the most amazing experience in the world but that’s not always the case.  We normally have to bottle feed at least two lambs a year and that means through the night as well.  They are no different from human babies in the early stages.  Though it would be nice to think that I could be thoroughly indulged with a meal out and then flop into a bed of clean sheets at the end of Mother’s day, I’ll probably be sleeping out in the barn on a camp bed, at the beck and call of a couple of tiny lambs.  But I wouldn’t have it any other way and my brood of children, at least, will be with me to help.

Julia’s best beauty advice came from her great grandmother who always swore that the secret to beautiful skin as well as a long life was to follow a steaming hot bath with an ice cold shower.  Though Julia isn’t quite as rigorous with this regime, she does make a habit of splashing her face with cold water after her daily cleansing routine, morning and night.  This is followed with a generous layer of ‘Repechage’ a professional anti-ageing skin care range enriched with seaweed which she swears by.

Whilst her grandmother didn’t follow any particular beauty routine, she was a passionate advocate for carpe diem, seizing the day, a guiding principle which her granddaughter, Julia, has also adopted and implements daily.  Mother’s Day will be no exception.

Find out more about award winning children’s retailer Hippychick or read Julia’s blog…