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SM Reviews… Indigenous Beauty Natural Deodorant

Indigenous Beauty’s range of Natural Deodorant Creams are made using only 7 ingredients chosen for their unique and beneficial properties. They contain Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, Organic Unrefined Shea Butter and Organic essential oils and come in three unisex fragrances. We tested Lavender and Vanilla.

SM tester writes: “once you’ve tried a natural deodorant, you’ll never go back. There – I’ve said it. Sure, it’s a bit messy (this one comes with a dinky spatula but you’re just as well using your finger) and sure, you might get some white marks (if ten seconds later you wriggle into a velvet dress…) But the perspiration protection it gives will equal if not better what you are currently using, there is no need to respray over the course of the day and your armpits will just feel so much happier because they’re not laced with chemicals. 

The Lavender & Vanilla fragrance reminds me a bit of Jo Malone’s Amber & Lavender; it has that same warmth to it. At £11.99 for 60ml it isn’t the cheapest, but one of their dinky trial pots (£1.50) has lasted me a fortnight and still going… “

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