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5 signs about your engagement ring that suggest your fiance might not be the one

This guest post made us chuckle…

Your fiancé’s choice of engagement ring says a lot about their feelings for you and the relationship.Jeweller DAVID LAW, reveals 5 signs that your fiancé might not be the one for you.

1. TOO CHUNKY – an engagement ring is supposed to be pretty, sparkly and dainty – the things he thinks about you. Think Cinderella and Prince Charming. Been given a chunky ring? You’ve got yourself a Shrek.
2. SMALL GEMSTONE – an engagement ring is a promise for forever and the size of the gem should reflect that commitment. A small gemstone screams of frugality (and tightness) and doesn’t bode well for a happy, long-lasting life together.
3. DULL GEMSTONE – engagement rings are made to be shown off – to friends, family, your social media followers (naturally) and even to strangers on public transport. A man who presents a dull gemstone probably isn’t as excited about the engagement as you are. You deserve better.
4. EX-GIRLFRIENDS’ BIRTHSTONE – excited to be presented with your long-awaited engagement ring – complete with quirky, unusual gemstone – only to find out it’s his ex’s birthstone? He has his ex on his mind.
5. NOT TO YOUR TASTE – are you a big jewellery person and your love has presented you with a small, discreet, neutral ring? Or do you have a stockpile of golden jewellery pieces yet your new engagement ring is silver? If your ring doesn’t reflect your tastes you have to ask yourself – does this guy even know me?

DAVID LAW is a bespoke London-based jewellery designer who offers a variety of bespoke jewellery including a wedding collection, eternity rings, pendants, cufflinks, earrings and cocktail rings for any other special occasion.