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SM Reviews… Indigenous Beauty Natural Deodorant

Indigenous Beauty’s range of Natural Deodorant Creams are made using only 7 ingredients chosen for their unique and beneficial properties. They contain Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, Organic Unrefined Shea Butter and Organic essential oils and come in three unisex fragrances. We tested Lavender and Vanilla.

SM tester writes: “once you’ve tried a natural deodorant, you’ll never go back. There – I’ve said it. Sure, it’s a bit messy (this one comes with a dinky spatula but you’re just as well using your finger) and sure, you might get some white marks (if ten seconds later you wriggle into a velvet dress…) But the perspiration protection it gives will equal if not better what you are currently using, there is no need to respray over the course of the day and your armpits will just feel so much happier because they’re not laced with chemicals. 

The Lavender & Vanilla fragrance reminds me a bit of Jo Malone’s Amber & Lavender; it has that same warmth to it. At £11.99 for 60ml it isn’t the cheapest, but one of their dinky trial pots (£1.50) has lasted me a fortnight and still going… “

Order online here.

Xmas Shopping: Winter Shades of Pale

If subtle hues and stealth luxe are your thing, have a look at a bit of shopping-porn and see if you can think of anyone who deserves to be spoiled this yuletide.

In praise of… apples

With blossom bursting out all over the place, we thought we’d give a moment of appreciation to the chic, simple, curvaceous fruit…

Apples are the top-note in the brand new fragrance from Jo Malone, Nashi Blossom. A sophisticated green scent that warms to a soft musky floral, this one is super wearable and playful.

Or how about some cheery red apples, bursting all over these unisex 70s print PJs from Jools Oliver’s Little Bird range at Mothercare? (right)

These dinky necklaces are perfect for that ‘Snow White’ moment and a steal at just £3.50 each…

Or snaffle Kate Spade’s limited edition ‘Far from the Tree’ apple shoulder bag – we’ve tracked it down on Amazon – with gold detail and a colour-pop pink cowhide shell.

Fancy planting your own tree? This one from Bentley’s looks great on the patio…


In praise of bath salts…

Epsom salts might once have been Granny’s bathroom solace, but they really have had a bit of a rebrand of late thanks to celebs such as Gwyneth Paltrow and Victoria Beckham swearing their allegiance to the white crystals as a cure for bloating and the secret to a flatter stomach…

The traditional ones from The Epsom Salt Company are great (and cheap) and you can order them with a glass jar, which is pretty helpful if you don’t want a sticky mess in the bathroom cabinet. The salts profess to help with everything from hangovers to shiny hair – just lob them in the bath and have a good old soak.

Unless you really want a lifetime of picking rotting petals out of the plughole, we’d advise against bath salts with floral acoutrements, but if you are craving that ‘bathing in the garden pond’ vibe, Jo Malone has just launched a limited edition bath salt in the Pear and Freesia range which comes in dinky sachets.

If you have a junior eczema sufferer, we recommend you try the Kids Dead Sea Salts from Westlab. Safe for use on babies as young as three months, the salts promote natural skin healing and prevent itching.

SM tester writes: “my three year old has developed dry, itchy skin but hates having anything put on it. These Westlab salts were great as we told him they were ‘magic crystals’ – he even told me off for sprinkling them too liberally as he wanted to ‘make the magic last longer…’ We could definitely see the results after regular bathing and it’s nice to know you’re using something gentle and natural to solve the problem – rather than something prescribed and chemically…”

Valentine’s Lust List

He loves me, he loves me not. He got me cheap carnations, or even worse forgot…

We’re lusting after the following tokens of esteem:

  • Jo Malone Red Roses cologne: simple, chic, the best way to receive a bouquet…                                         
  • Wrap her up in rouge with a pashmina from Isla Rule Cashmere in Rio Red                                                      
  • Make like Prince Charming with this lovely leather charm bracelet from Lily Belle at Not On the High St    
  • Go for subtle red slashes that mean business with the enviable nude Pigalle heels from Louboutin                 
  • Just started dating? Keep it simple and fun with a box of Godiva’s – we love this ‘You Have My Heart’ kitsch and colourful one…