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Pastel Picks…

Clockwise from top left: Girls’ Duck Egg Cardigan from Down at the Duckpond collection by JojoMamanBebe, award-winning Moba Moses basket in Blush from their new pastel range, supersoft organic cotton sleepsuit in Stardust from MORI, merino base layers in Mustard from Smalls (this year their Woolly Vest Week campaign will support Heads Together charity), Rainbow Wide Stripe blanket from Lilly and Sid (on sale if you’re quick!)

Nursery Designing for the future: trends we need to consider now

As if having children wasn’t enough of a gigantic leap into uncertainty, for many homeowners the thought of potentially ‘devaluing’ a room by converting it into a nursery can be as horrific a concept as pushing out a placenta.

But a beautiful nursery can be a style statement, and arguably the design trends here move just as quickly as those for kitchens and bathrooms. We take a moment to consider the developments current making waves and which we think will remain buoyant in the future.

Think big in a small space: aside from the proverbial ‘powder room’, it is fair to say that a nursery is normally the designation of the smallest space. But yet, there can be a lot of ‘boxy’ items to cram into that space (cot, changing table, chest of drawers etc). Whilst iconic nursery brands such as Silver Cross have recently introduced more compact versions of their furniture, we love the idea of making a big style statement and then custom building the essentials of the room around it. How wonderful would Cots of Distinctions’ Seven Seas rocking baby cot (above) look with some subtle nautical touches such as aden+anais ‘high seas’ dream blanket  or a minimalist paper boat shelf from JojoMamanBebe?

Grey is the new neutral: gone are the days when magnolia or yellow were the wall-hue staples of indecisive parents. Grey has become the perfectly pitched neutral and partners beautifully with pastels so that ‘pink for girls and blue for boys’ no longer needs to be represented by gaudy hues of Barbie of Chelsea FC. We adore Earthborn’s subtle pink ‘Maybe Maggie’ paint, or Frenchic’s ‘Moody Blue’ – both of which pair delightfully with grey.  Accessorise with a grey ball pit – like MadeByNori’s one or maybe Mokee’s ‘rainy day’ mobile?  (incidentally, if you are still sitting on the yellow fence, a touch of Daffodil brightness looks the bees-knees when paired with grey…)

Tech is your friend: Philips Avent recently launched their ‘UGrow’ Smart baby monitor, which creates a constant audio and visual connection with your baby. The monitor is unobtrusive and chic so why not integrate it with your nursery design? You might be currently baulking at the idea of a flat screen TV in the nursery, but roll on three years and having them watch Peppa Pig in their own space will be a godsend to the rest of the house. Install one early and play Baby Einstein or Mozart in HD quality.

Push Scandi further: Oh those Ikea-fiends and their clean lines. Simplicity and lack of corners in nursery design not only is the current height of vogue but has the added practical bonus that when bubba begins to toddle there are fewer sharp corners to impale themselves upon. Forget plywood curvature though; how about a real forest, complete with wild beasts? We love this hairy rocker from Scandiborn (above) or this chic wooden wall art from Etsy. 

Upcycle: why bring more unnecessary plastic tat into your home when other people’s junk can be the basis of beautiful eco-friendly furniture? Maggie and Rose’s new homeware collection includes a doll’s house made from reclaimed wood and shabby chic chairs – but why not try your hand at DIY as, let’s face it, if it goes wrong it was somebody’s trash anyhow…

Go organic: if the mention of bamboo has you thinking about Dick Van Dyke (and how he never has a bother with it) then check out brands like MORI and Piglet who are creating marvellously snuggly children’s bedding from bamboo and organic cotton.

image: The Sun

Letters play: we love the word art trend (as exemplified when Jools and Jamie Oliver announced their latest arrival, River) – but creating inspirational bon mots on a lightbox is a lovely way to bring subtle lighting into the space occupied by the new light of your life. A Little Lovely Company’s lightboxes can be customised with your own message and are available from MeandBuddy.

Who knows, your future nursery might become the stylish focal point of your home, regardless of the sleep-sapping squawker who resides in it.

This blog post is a part of Design Blogger Competition organised by CGTrader

JoJoMamanBebe now include personalisation on some of their best loved gifts

JoJo Maman Bébé is now offering customers the chance to personalise some of their best loved comforters and blankies in pink, blue or on-trend grey.

Whilst – to some – this might seem like vanity, trust us, when your child literally throws his toys out of the pram in Waitrose, it makes relocating and returning his much loved boo-boo so much easier…

Personalisation costs £5.

In praise of… Little Foxes

Whilst some might see the urban fox as a vulpine terror, we think he’s cute as a whiskery button. Here’s our pick of bright eyed and bushy tailed delights…

Grab this Joules Baby top quick as it’s in the sale; Mr Fox flies high in soft sky blue cotton.

Pair with these adorable welly liners from JojoMamanBebe (the liners themselves take around a shoe size, so these are great transitional items if you’ve bought wellies with ‘room to grow…’)

Molly and the Wolf stocks Tobias and the Bear’s chic statement tee which looks great with combat trousers or a tutu…

And pack DotcomGiftShop’s Rusty the Fox brolly for rainy days (or general twirling)

How to… cope with summer colds

Whilst Winter might be synonymous with the snivels, as any Mum knows, little ones can get colds all year ’round (especially if there’s one working its way through their classroom) – here’s our little guide to dealing with poorly ones in a heatwave…

– Top up Vitamin C, hydrate and keep cool with an organic juice ice lolly. Make your own (we love these Space Rocket lolly makers from Lakeland) or choose one made from the whole fruit such as Real Nice.

– Getting lots of rest is easier said than done when the nursery is like a sauna. Fresh air napping is great if you have a shady outdoor spot; oversized muslins like the Aden + Anais bamboo Daydream Blankets (pictured), a travel cot, portable cradle for tinies like this one from JojoMamanBebe or freestanding hammock like this one from Kidlantis are all your friends – as too will be this ingenious clam clip from Jaghoo (pictured) when it comes to putting a makeshift sleep canopy together.

Jaghoo clam clip


SM tip: if you’re facing some resistance to taking mediation and your little patient is off school for a few days, try embarking on a long (ish) read aloud story. Offer another chapter in return for taking their medicine. We love Frances Hodgeson Burnett’s ‘The Secret Garden’ for sick-kid story-time.

– Dressing in light layers …like this gorgeous pointelle top from Little Green Radicals – made from supersoft organic cotton with a cheery design that will have them feeling better in no time!

How to… Do festivals with kids

If you’re thinking three days in a muddy field looks like something that might appeal to your little rascals, here are our quick tips:

Get ConTENTED: don’t make a festival situation the first time the children have been away in a tent. Start with the garden, pop one up to play in a park, take an overnight break at a nearby campsite. Some festivals have child-friendly camping fields; even if they don’t, think about the fact that you might need to leave in a hurry rather than having a pitch closest to the stage! A good tent is a must, we love the colourful range of bell tents from Boutique Camping.

Pack safe and savvy: think about camping kit you’ll need and how child friendly it is. Ensure items such as camping knives, stoves, sterilising tablets etc can be locked away. Try and pack for the whole family in something large and squashable like a Northface Kitbag, rather than letting children bring their own luggage and Trunkis – you’ll be thankful for the simplicity and it will double up as something to sit on.

Think about the loos: and the showers for that matter. And the lack of changing facilities. We’ve raved about BEABA’s folding camping bath before – and worth grabbing some of the Becky Mantin disposable Nappy Grab Bags for easy changing alfresco. Hairwashing won’t be an option but stock up on L’Oreal Kids detangling spray and lots of hair bands (like Rock and Rose’s jewelled bobby pins)  if you have a little Rapunzel, or a visor hat if you have a curly mop to content with.

Get some ear protectors: there are plenty of these around these days and well worth having, not only to defend from harmful noise if your child isn’t a little monster of rawk, but also great to block out noise on planes. We love these Baby Banz ones from Precious Little One.

Stock up on snacks: festival food is often really expensive, might be something outside of the kids’ comfort zone and (sadly) might also lead to an attack of the runs. Pop some non-perishable snacks in your bag – like Natur Boutique’s freeze dried Papaya which comes in space age packaging – and throw in a tube of O.R.S Hydration tablets just in case! (And if your child accidentally finds something at a festival that they shouldn’t swallow, make sure you read the NHS guide to poisoning, but stay calm, it’s rarer than you’d think!)

And finally, go cutesy with some fun festival fashion!

We adore Hunter’s contrast sole wellies for kids and this floral waterproof jacket from JoJoMamanBebe