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Ju-Ju-Be announces XY: their new range of bags for the boys…

Let’s face it, a Ju-Ju-Be bag has features you never knew you needed – so we imagine their new range of manbags will have secret pockets for drills, craft beer and spare underpants at the very least.

The new collection – which is called XY- will launch with five bags on the 15th August and include messenger and backpack style changing bags, plus a weekend holdall (which is inspired by their best-selling BFF bag).

All designs come in manly black, blue and grey with rugged names like Helix, Base and Clone – and best of all they can go in the wash (if that craft beer happens to explode in transit). 

Prices start at £72. Shop online at Ju-Ju-Be. 

MiFold, the revolutionary new car seat which is smaller than an iPad

We were super-excited to hear about the launch of the mifold car booster seat – which you’ll be able to buy in John Lewis stores from December – which is set to change the way we view 4-12 year old car travel.

The seat – which folds down to handbag size (or indeed, your child’s rucksack) – means never having to illegally perch your child on your knee in a cab, never worrying about having to lug a carseat on a long haul flight and having the flexibility to pick up extra friends after school without having to rearrange your back seat.

mifold’s team of top designers, engineers and industry experts have together changed the way that a traditional booster seat works. Regular booster seats lift a child to be in the position of an adult, whereas mifold does the exact opposite by holding the seatbelt down. It’s that simple! With 3 belt guides, mifold adjusts the lap belt and shoulder strap to fit the child and accurately holds the seat belt on the hip bones and shoulder, offering the correct amount of restraint in case of impact. Taking less than 30 seconds to fit per child, mifold is safe, foldable and portable enabling parents and caregivers to use it in situations that current car seats on the market today are unable to accommodate.

With approval according to the European regulation R44.4, mifold meets the highest legal standards for child restraint systems, so parents can rest assured that their child will never have to travel without a car restraint again.

mifold will be available in the UK from John Lewis for £49.95 from the beginning of December 2016.