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Stroller Days Out: Bricklive London ExCel

SM Dad reviewer writes: “My eldest son (5) is LEGO bonkers. I must confess (*drum roll*) that I often don’t have the patience to build it with him, as he still gets quite frustrated when the pieces won’t fit (and then his mother gets frustrated when she finds them down the back of the sofa). 

So I wasn’t sure if BRICKLIVE would be too much for him. It is billed as ‘built for LEGO fans’ and part of me wondered if the whole thing might be full of grown up geeks (like Comic Con). 

But no. Not at all. It was incredible. From the giant pits full of just one colour brick that kids could quite literally immerse themselves in, to building one’s own racing car to race it. And my son’s fave; NinjaGo

The sheer effort that must have gone into building any one of the thousands of constructions put me to shame for not taking the time previously to help my son put together a fire engine. 

My three-year-old also really enjoyed the day out and even tried his hand at building a spaceship (which he otherwise wouldn’t have done at home) and had a great time with all the stuff to climb on. 

It really was very inspiring and the whole building was buzzing with excited kids…And it might just have brought out the reluctant LEGO fan in me…”

Find out more at BRICKLIVE.