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Why aden+anais was the #MMHA17 Editor’s Choice

Editor writes: “Just like the Queen thinks the whole of England smells of fresh paint, so my third child thinks the world is made of supersoft, snuggly muslin. From the sanctuary of his cot to the towel he is engulfed in after a bubble bath. From the bib that wipes the mush from his face to the edge-chewed-blankie he toddles around with…

Oh, this wasn’t always the way. Alas, number one child had to endure a whole spectrum of inferior fabrics; from scratchy woollen receiving blankets knitted by well-meaning relatives to jersey cloth dungarees that clung to his chubby thighs. And anyone under the delusion that children don’t sweat has never had a partner who thought it would be hilarious to order a pumpkin costume for a six-month-old from Amazon. 

Middle child had it much better. One episode of heatstroke whilst driving across France during his first Summer and a chic French friend proffered a huge muslin which she had spritzed with lavender water. Once swaddled in such an ample, soft cloud he stopped crying, projectile vomiting and generally resembling an over-ripe strawberry – and I started to feel like less of a #parentfail. 

Even more delightful, the muslin had tiny silver stars all over it. 

Since that moment, I’ve found nothing but joy in aden+anais products. Not only is the muslin the most wonderful, resilient texture but wash ’em more and they honestly do get softer. Which is a blessing when – let’s face it – you put at least three loads on per day. But also the uses for an aden+anais muslin are exponential; from burping to buggy covers, from teddy-blankies to boob-covers. Or the time you went swimming and forgot a towel, the time you needed to improvise a cold compress when your kid fell off the swing or the time you forgot a tote bag in the organic fruit and veg store and needed something to carry apples in. 

Obviously, aden+anais don’t just create magical muslin swaddles. Their constantly expanding range includes layettes, pull on’s, sleeping bags and- our family favourite – the dream blanket (which in our house is the ultimate ‘telly snuggle’.)

The designs are so elegant yet adorable there is literally an audible coo in our office when a new design is announced (we nearly fainted over the new navy and gold dandelion range!) 

If you aren’t familiar with the brand heritage, it was set up by mother-of-four Raegan Moya-Jones over two decades ago and is now their range of products and ‘love and muslin’ ethos is adored not just by parents but also by midwives and paediatricians the world over. And by my three children, unequivocally. 

When a friend or colleague announces their pregnancy, recommending aden+anais comes in the same breath as ‘Congratulations’. Without this brand, I could not parent. So it is with great pleasure that aden+anais became our first ‘Editor’s Choice’ winners of the Mummy Must Have Awards. “


SM tests… Aden by Aden+Anais muslins

A little while back aden+anais (the Rolls Royce of muslin) launched their aden by aden+anais range, which they openly admit consists of thinner, cheaper and smaller muslin squares.

As huge fans of the original a+a brand, we were intrigued to discover whether size is, in fact, everything when it comes to burping, swaddling and boob-covering…

Editor writes: when I found out about the aden line my first thoughts were ‘WTF?’ and ‘Why…?’ Who doesn’t love the luxury of their classic swaddles, which can cover one’s buggy as amply as they can cover one’s breasts? Amongst the million and one uses for a swaddle in our house would be a sofa blankie for watching TV, a teddy bear’s picnic blanket, a changing mat… Oh, and of course you could wrap the baby in one. 

So a+a opting not only to make a range that is smaller, thinner and cheaper seemed a bit like Chanel creating a range for Superdrug… And collaborating with Mickey and Minnie Mouse? My judgement was reserved. 

But if you saw the recent a+a classic Disney collab, with it’s exquisite Bambi, Pooh and Jungle Book designs, you’d rest assured that not only are the Mouse designs delightful, they are also as chic and delicate as you’d expect this brand to come up with and also actually resemble classic a+a designs (so that from a distance you wouldn’t know it was Disney at all.)

The blue and black Mickey designs include a mouse icon made from cornflower blue blossoms and geometric chevrons. It reminds me a little of the ‘rock star’ range from the classic designs. It’s really elegant. 

And as for the weave being thinner, whilst you might maybe notice the difference after 50 washes, when you rub one of the aden by a+a swaddles and compare the feel to the original, you’d have to have waaay more sensitive skin than my kids or I do to tell which is which. (Doing this test made me think of The Princess and the Pea, actually…)

img_20161010_140625_editThe size? Well, the original ones are 120x120cm and the aden range measures 112x112cm. So they obviously are smaller. Drape them both over a huge Silver Cross pram and you’ll notice the difference. Over a Bugaboo, not so much… Little one wants to tie one to the broom handle to make a flag? Your pre-school Pirate doesn’t care about the extra 8 cm one bit.

So let’s just say there is space in the world for both – and despite being very open about the ways in which they have ‘cut corners’ to create a more affordable product this is definitely one that deserves to be shown off as much as it’s luxe older sibling.

#Win a beautiful aden+anais dream blanket

There are some delightful things happening at aden+anais. Gorgeous new designs replicated across the range of products that they do so well (oversized muslins, blankets, sleeping bags and much more) with prints for hippychicks, little princesses and dapper chaps.

From the pink and grey florals of Meadowlark (which remind me of cherry blossom in the city) to the chic statement of inky blue Indigo, the bold tribal prints of Flip Side and the crisp, cool tones of Kindred – the new collection is both striking and elegant (as you’ve come to expect from this brand if you’re a fan/addict). View the new designs in full here.

It’s something of a running joke that I will always have one of aden+anais’ bamboo muslins knotted on the strap of my handbag. People think this is silly, but actually it is the perfect ‘reach for’ place when there’s an impromptu spill (me or the kids), or need for an emergency hand wipe. What many don’t realise however is that these muslins are washed almost every day and are really put through their paces (the other day for cleaning the car windscreen when I parked under a tree, for example!)

All aden+anais muslins get softer with washing (and having the corners sucked by little ones) – and this is even true if you use supermarket brand washing powder and a high setting or accidentally chuck them in with jeans – but the bamboo ones really do have an exceptional kitten-softness which makes a difference if your little ones have sensitive skin (try one out over a case of chicken pox and you’ll see what I mean…) The designs are so pretty that you could actually wear them as a scarf (one of our team’s daughters stopped using her muslin as a blankie and started wearing it as a shawl as a sign of being ‘grown up’ recently) and I’ve even used one as a tablecloth in the past.

COMPETITION: To celebrate #LoveandMuslin aden+anais have offered us an adorable dream blanket in their unisex Paper Tales design (with cute alphabet letters) to give away to one lucky reader – simply RT our competition tweet and follow @adenandanais to enter. Good luck!

No cash alternative, editor’s decision is final, winner announced on 24th June.