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Binky celebrates her ‘1st Xmas as Mummy’ with her latest collection for My1stYears.com

Whilst we doubt that Binky will either be dressing down or peeling sprouts on Xmas day – if she were, she’d definitely be wearing this tee from her latest collaborative collection for My1stYears.com.

Her range includes Santa bathrobes, gift sacks, tree decorations and stockings – all of which can be personalised, as is the My1stYears trademark.

We’re loving the ‘Mummy Deer’ sweatshirts, which can be matchy-matchy with ‘Daddy Deer’ and ‘Baby Deer’ – perfect for branding your team when it comes to after-lunch charades.

Shop the collection here.

SM chats to… Stacey Jackson

Stacey Jackson is one heck of a slick mummy. Balancing a career as a popstar (giving the Taylor Swift gang a run for their money in her forties) with running a busy home, record label and now fashion line, Stacey is a transatlantic mother of four and rarely spotted out of high heels. Somehow she also finds time to work out, party with the Made in Chelsea gang and Snoop Dogg and perform live around the world.


SM: Stacey, what are you up to at the moment?

Stacey: You know that saying ‘when it rains, it pours’… I’m about to launch my new StaeFit workout tops which I developed to help women with various issues they face while working out such as skin irritation like breast rash. It will initially be available on Staefit.com. I’m also debuting a new single off my three-volume cardio mix album called StaePumped. The single is called “How Much is That Hottie in the Window” and it features a good friend of mine, Andrew Derbyshire who was a finalist on Britain’s Got Talent. 

SM: What would be the best advice you could give our readers when hiring a nanny?

Stacey: As a working mom, finding someone with good judgement is imperative. I recommend you check them out so thoroughly — even try to find them on Facebook or Instagram for example. Are most of their pictures of them partying? You can get a sense of a person by the images they choose to upload. Also when interviewing, give the candidates scenarios so they can tell you how they would react. Such as, “what happens if I’m away and the child spikes a fever?” or “what if there was an accident on the playground, how would you handle it?” or “the phone rings while the baby is in the bath tub, what do you do”. You’d be surprised the number of crazy answers you can get. A good nanny shouldn’t even have to pause to reply to these questions with answers that will make you feel they know what they are doing.  Also I suggest to actually speak to their references, don’t just take an agency’s recommendation. 

SM: Any plans for a childrenswear line?

Stacey: Haha, very possibly. The first Stae Brand being launched is my fitness range called StaeFit so I’m focused on that right now. But you never know… I hope to carry the Stae range through to other brands, StaeSexy (lingerie) StaeHome (home accessories) and you never know… StaeYoung or StaeKids 🙂

SM: Are there any future pop stars burgeoning among your brood?

Stacey: My 17 year old son is an awesome drummer and at the moment my 8 year old daughter wants to be a pop singer like her mommy… We’ll see how long that lasts! 

SM: And finally, we recently announced the Shortlist for our 2015 Mummy Must Have Awards. Do any of the products or brands we selected stand out for you as a parent?


Stacey: I’m an avid fan of the coconut water. It’s amazingly rehydrating and tastes delish! I take it to the gym and I also drink it before I’m about to go on stage. Love!

Follow Stacey on Twitter @Staerox

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