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Make vision count with a baby sensory muslin from #MMHA17 winning brand Etta Loves

October 12th is World Sight Day. This year their key message is to “make vision count” as there is a shocking statistic that 80% of the world’s blind are avoidably so.

What better way to support than by investing in a baby sensory muslin from Mummy Must Have Award winners Etta Loves? All are designed in line with knowledge of normal visual development in babies.

Laura (the brand’s resident orthoptist) explains “, A baby’s vision is one of the least developed senses at birth. However, as they receive sensory input the nerve cells in the brain multiply and form connections – which all help their vision to develop.

Research has shown that if there is no visual stimulation the eye to brain connections do not develop and therefore sight does not develop. Etta Loves muslins are a great way to provide some of that stimulation as they are designed to the millimetre based on what babies can and can’t see.

Studies have shown that black and white contrast provides the strongest signals to the brain of newborn infants.”


The 0-4 month muslin pack focuses on high contrast black and white designs, whilst the 5+ muslins bring in bright bold colours, in line with the development of babies’ colour detecting cells. Each muslin incorporates a range of large and small scale of the pattern to continue to stimulate tiny eyes as they grow.

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