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Help! My Child Wants A Bedroom Makeover

Guest post from Ollie & Leila: Just hearing that small phrase – can I have a new room please, is enough to send a chill through any DIY-fearing parent. Images of endless weekends taken up with sanding, painting and hammering rush past your eyes, not to mention the tears and tantrums that are sure to follow, when you don’t paint the walls the right type of blue! But don’t worry, a bedroom makeover can actually be much easier than you think… 

Keep It Simple

image: ollie & leila

Whilst it may be tempting to rush out immediately and start buying every single gorgeous item your child requires, don’t – put the credit card away. Less really is more, especially when it comes to your child’s bedroom. You see, children are fickle things, and whilst currently Peppa Pig may be flavour of the month, this could quickly be replaced by Paw Patrol. So, resist the urge to paint the walls pink in homage to Peppa, and keep the walls a neutral colour, soft greys and pale pastel colours look great. This allows you to add colour, personalisation, and even themes to the bedroom in the form of accessories such as rugs, duvet covers and lampshades. Accessories are easier to replace when a new ‘favourite’ appears, so rather than having to redesign the whole bedroom again, you simply need to replace them.

image: ollie & leila

Forget ‘location, location, location’, the mantra you should be repeating when it comes to making over your child’s bedroom is ‘storage, storage, storage’. But don’t worry, storage doesn’t need to come in the form of clunky, white, plastic boxes littering your child’s bedroom floor. There are some brilliantly clever, beautifully designed storage solutions out there. Like the gorgeous, bespoke storage beds from Ollie & Leila.  Each one has been designed with storage below the actual bed, you could have a desk, chest of drawers or storage cubes built underneath, giving your child absolutely no excuses for a messy room.


image: housetohome.co.uk

Instead of spending hours trying to find new furniture to fill your child’s ‘new’ room, save yourself time and energy and try some upcycling. By spending a little time giving your child’s furniture a makeover of its own, you can create a whole new look in their bedroom. There are many upcycling ideas on Pinterest so you can really take your pick, but perhaps start simple. Just sand down the furniture and paint it a colour that fits in with the palette of the room. Or, for a bit more of the ‘wow-factor’, try a bit of wallpaper on the furniture. Do not cover the whole piece of furniture, that will be too much and give you a migraine every time you look at it! Instead, choose a section to cover. So, for a tall bookcase, you could cover the back panel in your chosen wallpaper, or to upcycle a chest of drawers, cover just the drawer fronts.

Find out more and shop online at Ollie & Leila

Ten Minutes with…Designer Celia Sawyer

Celia Sawyer, mother of two and founder of the exclusive Knightsbridge interior design company ‘Celia Sawyer Luxury Interiors’, has a client list that reads like the back pages of Tatler.

She shares her tips with us on how to create a chic and impressive outdoor space for Summer entertaining…

“First and foremost, selecting the right furniture is essential. What type of look are you trying to create? Modern, boho, white-washed beach haven, country, trendy, eco, the list goes on…

Half Moon sofa from Moda

I personally like using dark or grey rattan juxtaposed against contemporary, crisp, white cushions to create impact. Seating is incredibly important as your outdoor space is to enjoy so you want your friends, family and guests to indulge and be comfortable.  I LOVE glamorous day beds (think St Tropez beach party) and if you have the room I recommend you invest. Sky Line are masters of such furniture; beautiful yet natural shapes and gorgeous colours, you can’t go wrong with a day bed.

Skyline Day Bed

Outdoor fireplaces are having their moment. You can revamp your garden or terrace into a cool hub by making the fireplace your central feature. I know people who have used old bricks to build the fireplace meaning its recycled and put sand on the floor to create a truly unique space. If building a fireplace is too much invest in a fire pit. Nothing beats sitting round the warmth of a fire after dinner.

Maisons du Mode outdoor cushions

Alfresco dining is something we all love to do. Those long summer evenings that glow and seem to go on forever. Purchase a dining table and chairs, again in rattan or metal, over anything plastic and cheap looking – you may as well get this right first time. I have opted for a simple black rattan set with glass table top but dress the area up with an interesting centerpiece and cushions to add some interest and depth. Give it a go.

Inspiring outdoor kitchens are extremely du jour, especially in the Caribbean and United States. Clay or brick kitchens that blend into the surrounding natural environment can be simply stunning. The advantage of creating an outdoor kitchen means the hosting (and mess that goes with it) is kept out of your main residence; something I know my clients find attractive! In this space add a large mirror as it reflects the light and is more inviting. There are some fantastic outdoor mirrors around with thick, rustic frames. Alternatively, over-sized French clocks are extremely popular and add a little character, creating the feeling of being outside with the comfort of being indoors.

Clock by BellaHome

As you begin to revamp your outdoor space you will seriously think about colours. Earthy colours and décor is a must; ochres and greens, taupe’s and greys, to keep things natural, then add stainless steel appliances for that raw, industrial touch and inject colour through one item alone. Within your seating area add a great coffee table; something natural looking, maybe a bit of driftwood or an oak table to add some charm; a nod to Mother Nature herself. Invest in some lanterns that are suitable for outdoors as these can act as the perfect accessories. I put flameless candles inside mine which are ideal as they are battery operated so not only are they safe but they don’t go out should there be a breeze. Being outside in the candlelight is really special.

On the subject of lighting, I love using illuminous pots to really dress up outdoor spaces.  There’s a great company called 8 seasons-design who are a fine example of these; their Shining Pot Collection includes numerous different shapes and sizes which glow and look fantastic on terraces or by a pool. The pots look smart with greenery and the shining globe, cube and even drinks-cooler are super stylish too.

Lastly, outdoor bars are the ultimate cool. I have one at my home and it gets so much use throughout summer. They’re actually fairly simple to build, source wood to keep costs down and as long as you have a flat surface, fridge and some bar stools you are ready to entertain. One of the best additions to my garden.”

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