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In praise of… Daisies

Whilst they might be scarce in January (Granny used to say being able to put one’s foot on seven daisies at one was a sign that Summer was here) we can’t get enough of simple, chic daisies.

From the Marc Jacobs floral scent – which actually has its heart in gardenia and jasmine rather than the humble yellow and white bloom – to the Instagram of super hip Daisy Finetto (formerly lead singer of Mausi, now rocking some sultry solo French electro sounds), daisies can only make us smile.

Check out jewellery brand Daisy London and their beautiful kappa ring; simple, elegant and very English. Or layer up daisy chain bracelets for a Coachella look…

Boden’s Harriet dress is on sale right now – snap it up in 60’s inspired blue daisy motif…

And grab a pair of
sunny yellow Daniella flats and the roomy cotton and leather Abbey bag to make the outfit really pop.

For little blossoms, Myleene Klass’ Baby K range at Mothercare includes this adorable tee – 50% off in the sale.

Match  with Monsoon’s lemon Daisy Walker sandals…

School Run Superheroes

This week we tried out Lee Stafford’s ‘Blow Dry Your Hair Faster’ Spray, £6.99 from Boots.

The lowdown: despite looking like something Elle from Legally Blonde would have in her bathroom, the concept of this product is quite space-age. Not only does it reduce the time it takes to blow dry your hair but also makes it smoother, easier to comb and easier to style.

Our SM tester says: ‘TBH I don’t normally blow dry my hair on the school run, I just tie it back in a wet ponytail or stuff it under a beanie hat, so was intrigued to try this. It normally takes twenty minutes to blow dry and run the straighteners through my hair – which is long bob length and quite thick – so I spritzed this on whilst the kids were watching a double episode of Peppa Pig (it’s kind of the same coloured can as Peppa!). It does say it protects from heat so I did just go for it with the dryer on the top setting, but my hair was almost dry before I even got going really. Not sure how it works but it definitely is quicker. I didn’t notice much difference after styling – although my hair didn’t feel weighted down – but later in the day where I normally have frizzy ends I had lovely princess-like loopy curls. I would definitely recommend this – I don’t know if it makes the process quick enough to actually do on the school run (I still don’t really even have ten minutes to spare) but if it gives me more time for the rest of the day then that’s fine by me…’

Editor’s Tip: Keep the ditsy pink vibe going all day with Daisy Eau So Fresh fragrance from Marc Jacobs, it’s a lovely mix with the green tea scent of Lee Stafford’s range …

How to do the School Run in your pyjamas…

You’ve got them up, you’ve sat through Peppa Pig and Fireman Sam with feigned enthusiasm, you’ve sponged the splattered Weetabix from the ceiling. You’ve washed them, you’ve cajolled them into tooth-brushing, you’ve lambasted your significant other for using up all the hot water. You’ve found them socks that match and rescued library books from the dog’s basket and – woo hoo – there’s still eleven minutes before school starts!

Kids -check, keys – check… Oh, right yes, dressing yourself would help, wouldn’t it?

Can you actually get away with doing the school run in your PJs (and still look like Elle McPherson) ?

We think yes, with a bit of creativity…

Go Vintage

It’s a thin line anyway between outerwear and underwear when you go vintage. Pillage charity shops or the Rosie for Autograph rail in M&S for bed jackets and camisoles you can team with a pair of jeans. No one will know you *actually* slept in them too.

Maxi Cover

We’re loving the Lexham wrap coat from Baukjen. Fashionably black, belted and below the calves – this one will cover up nightwear and give the illusion of equally chic, black tailoring underneath. Possibly like a French spy. Or Angelina Jolie.

Baukjen Lexham wrap coat


Sweater dress over a nightie? Kimono over jim jams? No probs: if the top layer is fancy enough nobody looks underneath. Take inspiration from the Tudors, piling fancy embroidery over grungey underchuckers (or think Helena Bonham Carter in one of her ‘dogwalking on the Heath’ outfits)

A Boden wrap dress would be just the thing…


Not for the faint hearted, but styling up sleepwear with a bit of bling and bravery could be a good thing. Marc Jacobs A/W13 was right behind this look – and let’s face it, if you shelled out for MJ PJs you might as well get your money’s worth and wear them 24/7.