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Lovely Little Things: Matte Lipgloss from the Chloe Ferry Cosmetics range

Honestly, I love a good lipgloss. Before kids I wouldn’t leave the house without a Juicy Tube or Dior Addict one in my pocket. But as anyone who has kissed their child on the forehead will know, plumpy pouts and kid-smushing do not mix (unless you want their nursery teacher to ask you if your little darling maybe fell down the stairs…)

Now – in the nicest possible way – to me (ie a mother of three) Chloe Ferry doesn’t seem like an obvious style icon. But she has put some thought into her range of cosmetics. For starter, they are vegan and cruelty free. For seconds, they really pack a punch.

I tried out the Matte Lipgloss in Rouge. Probably the first time I’ve worn red lippy in the daytime since my youngest was born. It is described as ‘mid red’ – so not full on Jessica Rabbit but at the same time it is definitely a statement. But because it is matte, the colour stays on your lips; definitely enough to give your offspring a school gate peck (NB: it also withstands a couple of cocktails…)

So essentially you can rock rouge lips without the risk of anyone alerting social services. Well, until your adorable cherub unearths a Sharpie from the depths of your handbag, that it…

RRP £14.99 from Chloe Ferry Cosmetics