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Upcycling Mayd Cool

If the idea of upcycling makes you think of using an empty wine bottle as a candle holder, then you need to check out Mayd.

Set up by Fran – a busy mum who wanted to draw attention to the huge levels of waste in the fashion industry, not to mention the questionable ethics – and whose background in theatre costume design meant she was a dab hand with a needle and thread.

Lo and behold, Mayd came about as a way to upcycle preloved clothing into hipster childrenswear. From men’s checked shirts nipped and tucked into adorable pinafore dresses to old tees and maxi skirts sewn into delightful hotpotch party outfits.

Image: Mayd London

What started as a sustainable way to dress her daughter evolved into a business; with a childrenswear collection and a series of sewing workshops for those keen to learn.

So – before you chuck that dress you’ll never fit into, or that shirt you spilled bolognese sauce on, check out Mayd – you’ll be amazed at the potential.