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SM tests…the Mio MiVue 688 Dashcam

If you’ve recently discovered the dashcam concept, you’ll be aware of one thing: you really need a dashcam! From improving your insurance costs to generally making you a safer driver, it’s a clever little box that is not just for auto geeks and Jeremy Clarkson.

We tested the Mio MiVue 688 – RRP £114

SM tester writes: OK, I thought, I’m way more aware of myself behind the wheel now than I was when I was 19. As my husband says, having three kids in the car takes all the fun out of driving… In the *touch wood* event of an accident I would be mortified if it were my fault…

Driving up to Yorkshire on Boxing Day, in near standstill traffic on the M11, a white Toyota Yaris pulled in front of me from the inside lane without warning or signal. The passenger was asleep, complete with a duvet and pillow and the driver was wearing pyjamas. How do I remember this? I don’t really – I remember braking sharply – but the rest I know because I have it on film. 

No one was hurt – nothing was damaged… But if it had been, I would have all the evidence in a police/insurance and (heaven forbid) ambulance friendly playback device. My car’s own black box. 

There are other perks that – on a day to day level – are more positive. The alerts telling you when there are speed cameras, for starters. Or those telling you when you are drifting out of lane (although this does go off when you overtake) and the one that tells you if you are too close to a car in front (although again, this does go off randomly sometimes when City driving). 

If you happen to be an off-roader, the dashcam is the ultimate gloating tool; you can upload the footage of your adventurous drive straight to Facebook or your blog. 

The dashcam sits in the windscreen and if you leave it on when parked you’ll have a record of anyone tailgating you, or trying to force entry to your car. Or – foxes sleeping on the bonnet…