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Mothers’ Day, C’Mon Let’s Do This!

Scandiborn mug

Editor writes: Personally, I believe Mothers’ Day should involve Mummy having a bit of ‘me-time’. Maybe a coffee (or two) in bed. The chance to read at least one of the papers in peace (OK, maybe just the supplement!)

Sweatshirt from FMLY store



My middle child has just started to draw and thus I look forward to a ‘proper’ picture  – as opposed to the goopy handprint cards you’d have gotten in previous years, made at nursery. And goodness knows a glass of fizz wouldn’t go amiss…

But really, what I’ll cherish most this Mothering Sunday is the chance to appreciate some of the things I already have, take some deep breaths and do a bit of yoga stretching… (well, until one of my sons blows a raspberry in my face!)

Dark Iris lounge pants from Jockey

First of all, I won’t be getting properly dressed. Mothers’ Day attire will be this: my supersoft ‘Mama’ print sweatshirt from The FMLY Store (which I have in navy) and dark iris lounge pants from Jockey, which are lighter than air and as close to wearing nothing as you can get without being arrested.

What else? Well, I’m going to layer up my perfume. Who cares if it is 8 in the morning, I will be smelling like I’m on a hot date. I’ve recently discovered that layering Annick Goutal’s heady rose ‘Ce Soir ou Jamais’ with Library of Fragrance’s dreamy ‘Plum Blossom’ creates the kind of super creamy floral haze you’d imagine would make Jayne Mansfield swoon. I love it – but on a normal day I am hardly going to waft of it in Waitrose.

Library of Fragrance Plum Blossom cologne

Then I’m going to paint my toenails. Super decadent, you might gasp (as my youngest is barely crawling). Forget the more expensive brands, Rimmel’s ‘Rapid Ruby’ is divine (and sets in 60 seconds, so when you realise you also need the loo you don’t need to hobble…)

And I’m going to wear lipstick. At the breakfast table.

With chestnut hair, reds are trickier to match than you’d imagine. I adore Nars Audacious Lipstick in ‘Olivia’ (or the slightly paired down ‘Marlene’) – or Clinique’s ‘Black Honey’.

Marloe London Lady Garden scarf

I’ve been inseparable from my Marloe London scarf blanket since I got one (fingers itching to buy another one…) They are so chic – but also so cosy. If you need to have a duvet day whilst in a board meeting, essentially, this is the way to do it. I’ve worn mine as comfortably to Charity Galas as to the kids’ riding lessons. You can’t go wrong (and if you snap up the current Lady Garden collab one, you’ll be doing right – namely helping the gynecological cancer cause.) So basically, I shall wrap mine ’round my shoulders whilst I skim the Telegraph.

Powerbank from PNY

After that my day will involve Netflix. I’ve gotten a handy power pack from PNY which means when my tablet runs out of juice mid episode of ‘The Client List’ I can just plug in for prolonged telly gratification.

And yes, I realise that the likelihood of any of this happening is as entirely fantastical as the homework excuses my eldest child comes up with. But if you have the chance to enjoy even a fraction of my daydream, please live vicariously for me and for mothers everywhere.

Happy Mothers’ Day. 

School Run Superheroes: Dr PAW PAW ultimate red balm

Like the original balm, the Ultimate Red Balm is loaded with fermented paw paw; nature’s ‘do it all’ remedy with the really silly name. But it also has a rosy tint. Our tester put it to the school run challenge…

SM tester writes: the trouble with most tinted balms is that one shade doesn’t work for everything. I have tried and failed with everything from Benetint lip & cheek stain (have you ever tried putting this on in cold weather? It doesn’t blend at all and is a bit like scribbling red felt tip on your face…) to Nars The Multiple (‘Malibu’ shade made me look like a drag queen, ‘Orgasm’ made me look like Beach Barbie…) and as for the rumour that Kate Moss gets ready to go out by dabbing some Laura Mercier lippy on her eyelids and cheeks in the back of a cab… well – I tried that too. It snapped. #Fail. 

I’d already tried the original Dr PAW PAW – apparently it is great o nappy rash but I’d mostly used it as lip balm, cuticle cream (and once to sort out my eyebrows after a singeing incident trying to light a range oven with a match…) The only thing I’d ever fault about it would be that someone needs to invent a child lock as the tube looks exactly like a squeezy tube of paint…

The Ultimate Red balm  can be used on lips and cheeks. When you first apply it you think ‘gosh, that’s bright’ (mainly because it is 7.30am and you are so washed out…) but you can honestly just dab it on with fingers. It feels lovely (on your lips and cheeks) and it melts into skin to give a dewy but really polished red look. Think a lovely sort of NYC glossy red groomed Winona Ryder vibe. 

Because it’s a balm, you can keep  applying (it is quite addictive) but the intensified look isn’t clown-faced, it’s really rosy and pretty. And it doesn’t give you greasy cheeks either (yes, I’m talking to you Eight Hour Cream.)

Definitely one to keep handy on the car dashboard, by the sink or i your top drawer at work (at least, until they invent the child lock for the tube…)

The right red lippy…

Red lipstick not only maketh an outfit but also maketh a make up bag. If you put a gun to the head of most modern women and said they could only take one beauty item on holiday/to Mars/in a really teeny tiny purse – well, let’s face it, it wouldn’t be a loofah.

But the right red… Hmmm, what a conundrum.

The Robert Jones Make Up School handilly posted this vid showing how to use a colour wheel to balance your make up choices and your skintone…

Or you could download a colourwheel App from the Apple Store

Our tips:

Warm skin (tanned, olive) – try Mac’s ‘Good to Go’ which is an orangey matte

Pale skin – try the cherry hues of Chanel Rouge Coco Hydrating Crème Lip Colour in Paris

Dark skin – try the deep and sultry Rouge Basque from Nars