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Ten Minutes with… Natasha Bowes of Bio-tiful Dairy

Natasha Bowes is a former Russian figure skating champion, who set up Bio-tiful, bringing cultured milk drink Kefir (which she was brought up on) to the UK. Bio-tiful products are made at Organic Riverford Farm in Dorset and sold nationwide, including in Harrods.
Kefir Range shot_OnWhite_HiRes

We tried out the range of drinks and were really impressed – they taste super light and refreshing, not like you’d expect fermented milk products to taste, and can be drunk straight, poured on cereal, blended, made into dip – or even chocolate pots.

_DSC8076We grabbed ten mins with Natasha to find out more about her brand, which despite not winning over the Dragon’s Den has won her numerous awards and critical acclaim.

SM: Where do we feature in your busy day today?

Natasha Bowes: In the afternoon, between a raw vegetable lunch and a sales meeting!

SM:  From skater to finance to dairy, you’ve certainly had a varied career! What is it that motivates you?

Natasha Bowes: Learning and experiencing new things, grasping the essence of a business / job and excelling at it – that’s what I really enjoy.

SM: Your drinks can be enjoyed in a variety of ways, which do you prefer and how do you drink them?

Natasha Bowes: My favourite is the original Kefir and I love it first thing in the morning – on its own or in a green smoothie. If I am peckish, the best mid-morning and mid-afternoon snack for me is definitely Baked Milk Kefir – it fills me up with goodness and leaves me feeling light, just perfect!

SM: What would your advice be on getting children to drink them?

Natasha Bowes: Start out with the Kefir Smoothies – we had kids in mind when we created them, as they are a little naturally sweeter due to the fruit, yet have all the goodness that Kefir gives your digestion and immunity. I lived on Kefir in my childhood, as I was mildly lactose intolerant and Kefir is naturally low in lactose and the easiest food to digest.

SM: What are the benefits over – for example – Yakult? Or bio yoghurt?

Natasha Bowes: Kefir is as natural and light as a dairy product gets, and its authentic, 2,000-year-old culture has about 40 different types of beneficial bacteria plus beneficial yeasts (for comparison a typical yoghurt would have only a couple of different bacteria strains). It is the most probiotic of all the natural foods, and naturally packed with a number of essential vitamins and minerals, with an exceptional list of health benefits resulting from that.

 SM: What has been your biggest challenge, running the business?

Natasha Bowes: Sensibly balancing work and personal life.

SM: And your proudest moment?

Natasha Bowes: Every award and stockist win is a very positive and proud moment – for the whole team!

SM: What’s next for the brand?

Natasha Bowes: Our Kefir being easily available to everybody in any part of the country!

SM: And finally (we had to ask) do you still ice skate?

Natasha Bowes: Occasionally, and with pleasure!

Find out more at: biotifuldairy.com