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Are fizzy drinks during pregnancy really that bad…?

So the latest hoo-hah is all this business about avoiding fizzy drinks (even the sugar free ones), because let’s face it, you’re already having to give up your morning double espresso, evening G&T and mid afternoon bowl of oysters laced with blue cheese and pâté … So why not add Vimto in there as well?

Obviously the logic here is that fizzy drinks may or may not contain: caffeine, sugar, no nutrition whatsoever, saccharine, stevia, artificial colour – none of which do you or any kind of babymaking any good. And now – apparently – drinking fizzy drinks leads to fat babies after birth as well.

But hands up who hasn’t reached for the ginger beer to curb morning sickness?  Or downed gallons of Lilt one day when all the water tasted metallic? Guilty as charged…

If you’re worried about all of this, but still can’t actually face drinking plain ole water (us neither!) we’ve recently acquired a taste for Ugly Drinks – which are flavoured waters with no sugar, sweetener, colour or any sort of nasties at all really. The grapefruit one comes billed as ‘a disco in a can’ (and as giving up discos was kind of on the list after the first child came along, this one seemed like a bit of a winner to us…)

The ‘Get More’ range are also pretty nice – these actually have added vitamins, so you’re not just swigging carbonated water. The Vitamin D one is meant to be the most preg-beneficial and it tops up calcium too .

Another new one on us – although not in the fizzy drink family at all – was the range of Caffe Ottavo teas for one’s Nespresso machine. ‘Tea in the Nespresso?’ we hear you cry – well, apparently it’s a thing and actually a darn site easier than brewing yourself a pot and having most of it go cold/get too strong. We’re loving the Moroccan mint and Chamomile ones (there’s also good ole fashion English Brekkie in the range if you’ve got builders ’round – and obviously lots of lovely rich coffees that for the minute you’ll just have to sniff the cartons of…

But gosh-darn-it,  if you still really crave a fizzy drink then we (who aren’t doctors or midwives or scientists of any sort – and often known to quote things we read in Mallory Towers) totally suggest the odd glass of really good champers …

How to… cope with fighting siblings

If ‘Muuuuum, he changed the channel on the remote’ or ‘she scribbled on my book’ and ‘the baby isn’t my friend anymore…’ is leading to tantrums, tears and even fisticuffs you might be feeling like slamming the door behind you, driving at full speed to the gym,  donning the boxing gloves and taking it out on something made from leather…

Siblings scrapping is totally normal (think back, you did it too) but that fact doesn’t make it any less stressful or the light at the end of the proverbial tunnel any more illuminating.

Supernanny Judy Arnall says we should analyse the root: boredom, attention seeking, resentment or deeper issues… General advice is that taking something away from the child in the wrong (ie banishing them to their room) won’t work but one on one time and a new hobby might (yep, let’s find a few extra hours somewhere shall we?)

Parenting.com have a more ‘non nonsense’ approach: listen to their feelings (yes) but if you need to end the conversation with something matter of fact (‘life is just like that sometimes’)

Partial separation is a helpful tool – although not always possible. If Daddy is around and can take one child (ideally the wronged one) to the park then the other might feel their victory is somewhat hollow.

And remember it’s a phase. Even if it takes 25 years, they will get past it.

SM tip: look after yourself as well when kids are bickering, or it can just become totally draining. We have a Nespresso machine and the 2 mins it takes to make a coffee is sometimes the little break I give myself between breaking up a fight and then returning to the scene of the crime (as it were). I often find they’ve resolved it by then without my intervention. 

Editor’s Tip: right back from when they were little, after a tantrum, if I put them to bed to calm down I would dab a little lavender oil (or my own perfume) on their pillow. Now the boys still ask me to do this – sometimes just at bedtime. Jo Malone’s Wood Sage and Sea Salt is lovely and calming…