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Clever Clogs Products: Nimble Babies Milk Buster

Whether you formula feed or express, if you’re using bottles, one thing is for sure; they get cloudy.

Some might think cloudiness isn’t the worst thing in the world – it’s when milk fat mixes with plastic – but sterilizing alone won’t shift it and the milk residues can hold bacteria. Plus, the bottles just look… let’s politely say unappealing. (‘Boggin!’ said our tester)

You’d have thought a product like this would have come along aeons ago, but it took a chemist called Von and the arrival of his baby niece back in 2012 – plus a few experiments – for this magic potion to be invented.

Simply spray a few squirts into a cloudy bottle (a little more if you’ve left the offending receptacle under the buggy or in the back of the car for a couple of days – hey, we don’t judge!) and then give it a wash to reveal a squeaky clean, cloud free bottle.

For an even lazier approach, add a couple of squirts before you put bottles in the dishwasher…

And the best bit – the product is made from sugar, amino acids and coconuts, so no fear of nasties getting transferred or the bottle ‘taste’ being altered.

Find out more and order yours from Nimble Babies.