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SM tests… Love Boo Super Stretchy Miracle Oil

Created with a unique blend of omega rich argan, almond, passionflower and mandarin oils, Love Boo Super Stretchy Miracle Oil promises to be tough on stretch marks. We tested…

SM tester writes: “Oh my gosh, if ever there were a ‘Mrs Wobblebottom’ that would be me. My stretch marks are accumulated; the net result of multiple children, decreasing visits to the gym and more Magnum lollies consumed at each successive pregnancy. I’m not quite in ‘mom jeans’ but my go-to ones after each pregnancy are those Zara jeggings that hold everything in… And not even my husband sees me peel them off at night..

I had decided (whilst more sprightly colleagues were training for Park Runs and the Marathon) that I might start doing a bit of jogging, starting off with home from the school run… And at the same time thought I might try and attack the spiderwebs all over my belly. 

Love Boo oil comes in a girlie pink packaged bottle (which stops husband stealing it to pour recklessly in the bath) and smells divine (a bit like orange blossom, maybe?) You slather it on your tummy, bum, thighs (all the bits you hate, basically!) and – well – be generous!

The instructions suggest you use it twice a day… But as I barely have time for one beauty product anyhow, I’ve been rubbing it in after my morning shower. 

I can definitely see the difference; unlike some (and I’ve tried hundreds!) stretch mark treatments, it doesn’t just smooth out the marks, it plumps up the skin as well. This means a) it doesn’t itch and b) if you are doing a modest bit of jogging or the odd sit up you’ll reap the benefit of your belly looking and feeling firmer. What’s left is frankly just because of all the Magnums…”

Love Boo Miracle Oil starts at £7.99 for 50ml. For more info or to order go here. 

Tested by Lauren.