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Our picks for Walk to School Month (October)

Next month is Walk to School Month and with the days getting shorter, darker and colder, this campaign might be met with some resistance from your little troupe.

We have a few picks to help give them their marching orders…

Hippychick’s Scootilights clip on a scooter handle and lights them up to 300m – making them visible to traffic but also making the scooting experience more fun. Plus, they look like Gaston from Ben & Holly…

Hailing from Canada, the designers at shoe brand Kamik know a thing or two about keeping feet warm, dry and getting a good grip on icy roads. We love their SnoBuster boots which are 100% waterproof (no matter how many muddy puddles they hit) and super lightweight, with a warm insole and a drawstring at the top to keep school socks dry…

Your kids will be kings of the ugly bug ball with Rockin Baby’s bug print rain mac, which is fleece lined and has roomy pockets. Read all about Rockin Baby’s Child to Child giving policy here too – every purchase counts and does good!

Rockin Baby makes its second clothing drop in Uganda

One of our favourite brands Rockin’ Baby has just announced that as part of their ‘you buy, we give’ mission they were able to gift over 21,000 items of clothing to children in Sierra Leone, orphaned due to Ebola.

Their ‘Child to Child’ initiative follows on from the ‘Mother to Mother’ campaign (whereby for each of their baby slings sold one is given to a mother in Haiti and Kenya) and helps orphaned children not only keep warm but maintain a sense of dignity.

Mark Jeynes, Rockin’ Baby’s Vice President and Co-founder is passionate that even the most impoverished children are given the basic right of proper clothing: “Tragically many of the thousands of children, orphaned from Ebola, have been shunned by their communities and forced to live on the streets with no proper clothing or care. And even those who are lucky enough to be cared for by a family member, the devastating poverty means that food, a daily need, comes above clothing, meaning existing clothes are worn until they completely fall apart.”
“It may seem small thing to us in the Western world, but wearing proper clothing helps to maintain a child’s dignity as a human being, as well as keep them warm. These children are incredibly conscious of their status and ashamed to come closer when they see a stranger or someone dressed properly. It is deeply humbling to, in some small way help these children with our ‘you buy, we give’ ethos as we strive to help thousands of families around the world.”

Help Rockin’ Baby continue to do such great work (and dress your own child in style!) – The new Rockin’ Baby A/W 2016 range is in stores and online now, prices start at £10.