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SM reviews… I Sea Pasta from Seamore food

I Sea Pasta looks like tagliatelle but is 100% wild, handpicked and organic seaweed from Connomara, Ireland. It is a fresh sea vegetable ready to be used as pasta, veggies or anything in between.

SM tester writes: “If pasta made from seaweed sounds super-duper healthy to you also, then like me, you’ll probably leave it at the back of the cupboard for a while whilst pondering how to cook it. But it is actually super versatile; you can do more or less anything you’d do with regular pasta (although maybe not carbonara!) I played it safe with cherry tomatoes and a bit of seafood… 

I’ll warn you, whilst this stuff is cooking your kitchen will smell like a fishing boat coming in to harbour – but this fades by the time it has drained and you’ve served. 

The taste is (predictably) quite salty; but nice (assuming you like samphire, oysters or other sea-fare. It looks great on a plate so is definitely a talking point – and packed with iron, iodine, potassium and protein.

And btw, if you think seaweed pasta is weird, Seamore food also make seaweed bacon!”